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    • Nah it’s really powerful, though it can take some time to get used to due to the extending mechanic. In general they take longer and cost more Ki but do more damage/Ki damage and have more range/hits so the more you learn about enemies and get used to the flow of fighting the better timing you’ll have with doing it.

  1. You know, I could say a whole lot about the goalpost moving and flagrant ignorance on display, but the fact you think three lines and five sentences is a wall of text is too much as it is.

  2. i like it when you’re an irish guy killing brittish people (being based) but i feel bad for killing all my dope japanese bros and haven’t made it far past the tower of london bit at the start. do you have to kill many more japanese bros in the rest of the game? do you still have to kill japanese bros in nioh 2?

  3. >Daksouls but X
    Well, Dartksouls sucks, so that explains why this does, too.
    1, 2, 3. 3. Three. (3) enemies used regularly; zombie man, big zombie man with axe, big dude with rock.
    It takes 1 (1) fight to figure out how to consistently beat all of these except the guy with rock.
    And you simply shoot the last guy for a free win.
    You are less than 5% into the game, and have effectively seen and conquered 99% of the game.
    >Muh boss fights
    If they’re human, tonfa rapes stamina so hard they don’t even count as a fight.
    Every yokai fight is piss easy.
    Even if you don’t use confusion, which destroys the game.

    >But If I play the game for 900 hours in new game +++++ in post game dlc 15 I get a 2 v 1 fight that may be slightly challenging
    And by that point you can be outright immune to damage.

    • What’s so fun about Nioh combat? You just spam attacks, flux, spam attacks, Dodge hyper armor attacks, spam skills, flux, repeat.

      • IMO that loop is sayisfying it’s the same feeling I get when I’m playing JRPGs and everything I’m working on comes together

        • It’s far more involved than Dark souls combat ever was. That’s pretty much it.
          Each stance excels and and fails at something. High stance: Ok blocking, high damage, and high ki damage but slow as shit, can only attack a few amount of times, and can’t dodge for shit. Low stance: fast as hell, Attacks out the ass, and All dodges in the world but deals next to low damage, Low ki damage, and terrible blocking. Middle Stance: Wide swings to catch multiple enemies, The defensive stance which normally comes with counters, ok damage, ok attack speed, and a few dodges.

          Dark souls in comparison is boring trash always the same 5 attacks the same per weapon type, always rolling, and always blocking.
          The closest thing dark souls has to stance switching is switching weapons, and Nioh can also do that with a secondary melee weapon and two dedicated Ranged weapon slots.
          While Nioh might be "spam attacks, flux, spam attacks, Dodge hyper armor attacks, spam skills, flux, repeat."
          Dark Souls is Spam R1, Dodge/Block, Repeat.
          occasionally use an estus.

          • >only two games exist, dark souls and Nioh
            You don’t like action games, stop pretending you do.

            that loop is a bit too complicated to be called spam lmao

            It’s not. The most complicated input in Nioh is flux 2, which isn’t even complicated. Once you have that down, the game is a joke, especially against humans. In most games, the broken shit is hidden behind some really good execution. In Nioh, you only need to know one input.

          • >You don’t like action games, stop pretending you do.
            The thread started with comparing the two games.
            So I continued comparing the two games. Is that somehow a problem? You want me to compare it to other games combat?
            Because Nioh is a toned down Ninja Gaiden with a stamina bar and no jump button. That should just outright shit all over most other games combat to you.

          • There are many, many more complex inputs available in Nioh 2 if you start actually learning and pushing the combat as far as it can go, in terms of both number of inputs and timing.

          • uhhhhhhhhhh fist mc spam move? i have to press like 3 times??? its very hard bro. only hardcore players like myself can do it.

          • You can follow Flux 2 with any skill from your second weapon, which requires you to first do Flux 2, then swap weapon, cancel the unsheathe animation with guard, then do the skill. Dodges can be cancelled by sheathing which you can spam to rapid dodge. Beyond Infinity is a series of 2-3 frame window inputs for max damage. Item cancelling consists of a precisely timed Ki Pulse after doing an attack then using an item/jutsu to cancel the recovery of said item/jutsu, and depending on the attack it gets very exact. That’s just a few that come to mind.

          • That wall of text is 4 actions.
            Then it randomly brings up a move that’s literally just pressing the same button a few times in a row with decently generous timing in a single player game with predictable enemies making it even easier.
            If you think that’s hard, you are bad at games.

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