54 thoughts on “Divine Blessings to you, brothers! Today is a glorious day! Even better that it is prayer day..”

  1. >first time in HN, they give me food and call me brother
    >first time in UC, some noble fuck snipes me across the map with his crossbow and I get found by some slavers and hauled to the stonemine
    >people direct all their hate to the HN instead of the UC
    Yeah they’re a pain in the ass once you lose a limb or get some non humans but fuck the UC

  2. Does this piece of shit run on a dogshit laptop? I can run Starsector fine, with lots of mods too. VTMB on low-res as well a few other indie games.

    • There are 2 things that you can easily pinpoint as the cause for it running like shit on dogshit laptops.

      Disabling shadows is easy, but you need a mod to disable particles. It will make your dust storms ugly, but it’s a huge boon to shitty laptops. I didn’t really bother with textures because lower textures look ugly, though texture mods help with loading time between zones.

      There’s also apparently a performance tweak in the Kenshi wiki. You have to edit something in the config file. Look it up.

  3. Man, Kenshi is fucking great, but after you play maybe 50-100 hours and realize how it just boils down to grinding/cheesing stats and then fighting endlessly respawning enemies it loses its appeal.
    I REALLY hope that KEnshi 2 has *OPTIONAL* "Win" conditions. Maybe set by the own player in a more official way, and with bigger world changes afterwards.


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