51 thoughts on “>dude…50 years ago I lost some men and nobody cared so I started ww3 lmao”

  1. genocidal imperialist american propaganda

    I wonder how many stupid white boys died in the middle east because they played call of duty

  2. That wasn’t the issue he had. His issue was that he lost a huge chunk of the American military due to the nuke going off in MW1 but the recruitment numbers were incredibly low in general and people didn’t want to defend their country anymore. He also wanted to become a war hero which is why he had to have the false flag event happen.

    Because of the false flag happening he could effectively kill the top people of government to take over America because of his position and run it how he wanted to (You even rescue the Vice President if I remember right as Ramirez who had to bolt after nearly getting killed by Shepherd’s black ops). He’d force the Ultranationalist Russians to attack America thus gaining his recruits in massive numbers to defend a direct attack on America. Then he and his covert ops would get Roach and Ghost to grab his incriminating documents, destroy them, kill Roach and Ghost, and go assassinate Makarov thus sealing any lips that knew about the false flag to begin with. Soap and Price were the only people left alive by that point and they lived through a bunch of nonsensical amounts of things to even kill Shepherd which he wasn’t counting on.

  3. >WAW is how war can change people
    >BO1 is story about a man so driven by revenge that he basically comes back from the dead to carry out his revenge
    >BO2 is an emotional story about loss and revenge
    >entire series in general has revenge as a major theme
    >BO3 is about some unnamed soldier who get killed and the entire game is just his pre death hallucination
    what the fuck happened?

  4. I don’t remember anything about MW2’s campaign except for that fact that to this day literally no one knows what Makarov meant by "no Russian."

    He clearly means "dont speak russian guys, this is a false flag remember" but dumbfuck zoomers think it’s some kind of genocide codeword.

  5. gee it’s almost like the Middle East is an irredeemable shithole that deserves to be nuked and General Sheperd is actually extremely fucking based

    • Hmm what’s worse. The place where people practice male genital mutilation and turn their boys into circus freaks because their religion told them to?
      Or the place where people practice male genital mutilation and turn their boys into circus freaks because the corn flakes man told them to?


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