49 thoughts on “for me, it’s turtle wow”

  1. Stay away from chromiecraft no matter how much retards on reddit shill for it.
    It’s full of spanish retards and literally multiboxing new york garden gnomes that think Ben Shapiro is an actual fascist.

    • how is it? i downloaded the TrinityCore one that got posted here awhile back but haven’t tried it out yet. i wasn’t aware there were multiple attempts at single player WoW.

      • Comfy.

        I’ve only played some Vanilla areas randomly and so far everything’s functioned well. Modified the server to give 4 talent points per every level, made an interesting frost/arcane mage hybrid.

        I also made some level 80 characters with BIS gear to faceroll heroics. Most of the dungeons seemed to work almost as good as back then.

        The files and commands let you make the game as easy or as challeing you want it to be.

        • >Modified the server to give 4 talent points per every level, made an interesting frost/arcane mage hybrid.
          ooh, i’ll have to do something like that. i was planning on basically building my own 5-man to start with, leveling a tank, healer, dps, etc. and then making bot companions that match their equipment at the time. and doing a little writing on the side chronicling the character’s adventures and interactions with each other. it’s gonna be fun.

  2. A huge red flag for me (even more than the obvious corruption and shady advertisement) is that all the positive testimonials I’ve read give off huge carebear energy, and not just in the PvE vs. PvP context. Like yeah sometimes the world chat edgelords trying to reach the top of the N word leaderboards get old, but that chaos and friction is part of the soul of online games. You need the villains and shitposters and bad actors for an MMO to be engaging to navigate. Maybe it’s not a gay ""wholesome"" monoculture like it seems from the outside and maybe the GMs are actually chill unless you’re super annoying and spammy but meh

  3. population is sub 500 players at peak, devs are shady as fuck and the population is full of geniune trannies, avoid at all costs

          • modern internet makes each video game information complete within days or even hours of release, thus you have the full toolkit for competitive domination at your fingertips the moment a game goes live
            you’re left the choice between taking up a second job mastering the meta or being an eternal shitter

          • Why are people so stupid that they don’t understand that the amount of fun you get from the game lowers as you learn more about it though? I realized this years ago and ever since I avoid information because I know it will ruin my gameplay experience.

            It kills that sense of wonder, the sense of exploration, everything that makes a game feel magical is completely destroyed by metashit. As soon as I realized it, I cut all meta out of my life. I just don’t understand how everyone else can be so fucking dense that they don’t realize this and they keep chasing this delusional idea that you will somehow enjoy the game more if you memorize every bit of it and completely kill all the mystery and exploration that it has to offer.

          • these aren’t people who are after fun, they’re bots programmed to chase dopamine, and in MMOs it’s derived through achieving the biggest numbers in the fastest time
            exploration amounts to "where’s the thing that’ll make me better than everyone"
            mystery amounts to "I’m frustrated I can’t find the thing that’ll make me better than everyone"
            solving the game cuts out the middle man and saves everyone time in their pursuits, pursuits that are somehow even more hollow than MMOs were 15-20 years ago
            tl;dr as always it comes back to soullessness

          • Absolutely disgusting, these people are the worst thing I’ve ever seen in all of the years that I’ve played games. I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than them

            Is avoiding pvp pretty much the only way to avoid these people? I don’t even rp, but I only play on rp servers because there’s less of these soulless fucking freaks

          • avoid endgame generally unless you find a guild/playgroup that jives with you
            for me it’s hardcore leveling in vanilla, brings stakes back to the game and includes an instant tightknit community invested in one another’s success especially on Turtle WoW where you can only trade with other hardcore players

          • based, that’s what I’m doing too. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like hardcore mode, but I don’t think I can ever go back to normal leveling. Feeling this level of immersion throughout every quest you do is amazing. I’ve never felt real fear in WoW until now and I’m actually starting to feel afraid of certain zones just based on how dangerous they are. It feels like you’re really in the world

  4. >try server
    >first starting zone quest: kill 8 boar
    >quest doesn’t count progress so unable to advance past quest to pick up other quest
    Fix your fucking shitty server having broken basic quests if you’re gonna have 0.5-1x rates.

  5. I’ve been trying out the permadeath mode lately. It’s the most immersion I’ve felt in wow since I was a kid back in vanilla
    >feel like I’m going to shit myself whenever mobs start spawning behind me in a cave
    >leaving town to go questing feels dangerous, like I’m going on a real journey
    >spending time in town or in a city feels extra cozy because I know it’s a safe place where I can’t die

    • people think shenna and crogge are behind this.
      Which are known money pinching thieves and liars back when Elysium was a thing on the private server scene.

      considering torta is trying hard to remain mysterious to who he is, and people keep accusing him of being either shenna or crogge, I wouldnt trust em for a second.

      • what are they going to do though? steal my credit card info or something? I just want a comfy vanilla server, all this discord drama is something I don’t really care about

        • No, but they totally would given the chance.
          If you can disregard them and just enjoy the server content, great, more power to you.
          But some people would like to be aware of any Sneaky rats that do shady shit.

        • usually it’s nothing like that, these guys just pocket the money for themselves and/or lie about the cost of servers. there was one huge TBC server years and years and years ago where this happened, the owner was a woman who spent money that was donated for like exercise equipment and shit.

          • i think so, it’s been so long i don’t even remember the name of it. i was a poorhomosexual so it was actually my first time ever playing WoW.

          • wowcape was run by a woman(allegedly) named payton iirc. It was the first private server I played on, complete shit by today’s standards but pretty big back then.
            They had these overpowered donor items that would scale with your level or were shareable within your account, can’t remember exactly but legend goes that it was where blizzard got the idea for heirlooms so the server was plagued by drama and shit, one day I logon and everyone was named Paytonisaman cause the main dev had a falling out with the admin.
            in the end blizz took them out as it wasnt so much donations but a full fledged shop

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