18 thoughts on “For those of you who complain about politics in games, how do you defend this?”

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  2. The keyword here is "preachy"

    For example Disco Elysium is very political but its not preachy, same with wolfenstein TNO and old blood, with new colossus being slightly preachy (not that much)

  3. There are games that tackle political concepts in a tactful and objective manner and then there’s your average modern western game that tokenizes minorities to "empower" them while blatantly treating politics like a simple, black and white good versus evil thing.

  4. politics in games
    >a well written and nuanced critique of a theoretical free market libertarian society turned failed state
    woke politics in games

  5. games that are inherently political and have something poignant and/or insightful to say are not """political"""
    Games that have no business even thinking about politics adding menial, platitude-infested hamfisted non-stances like "haha this character is gay lets all move forward" when not even sexuality itself is mentioned, needed or relevant to the game itself is absolutely """political""". it just shows which people are "in the circle" and therefore signals absurd levels of nepotism and is generally a major red-flag for consumers who just want a fun game. It doesnt help that the vast majority of """political""" games are shit and visibly made by incompetent people.

  6. I don’t have a problem with politics in games. I have a problem with unnecessary political platitudes and allusions that won’t age well. Of the games on the right that I’ve played (Gone Home, Celeste, Life Is Strange), I wouldn’t even consider them political in the sense that they might align themselves with a political party or group or locate themselves in the context of a particular political system. The lame Trump joke in Danganronpa V3 is the kind of politics in games that I object to; featuring a lesbian character is not political in itself.


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