>Game-ruining bots for four years and counting

>Game-ruining bots for four years and counting
>Continue to monetize it and release new keys for sale
>Multi-billion dollar company
>Hippie business model where workers work on whatever game they want instead of actually ordering them to go where needed
>Can’t spare a few thousand to make a good anti-cheat
>Won’t bother to bring on one of tens of thousands of talented community members who would willingly fix the game for free

What a bunch of fucking garden gnomes over at Valve. I know they don’t give a fuck about adding onto TF2 anymore but to let some script kiddies destroy it is beyond pathetic for a supposed AAA company… just because TF2 committed the sin of being their 3rd most profitable game instead of their first.

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  1. >Hippie business model where workers work on whatever game they want instead of actually ordering them to go where needed

    I understand that not inciting workers to fix TF2 is not the smartest move, but I believe that letting them be free is a good move, as it lets programmers create their own schedules and, therefore, make a good game


      • You cope and seethe. Their was always about 10k actual players
        I get you neehomosexuals don’t remember this but when mym first launched valve showed exact player counts queuing for game and it was always near 10k despite the steam chart saying 50k+
        Now teamwork tf shows literally the same fucking numbers 5 years later
        Maybe teamwork tf is wrong but im more inclined to believe in VALVES OWN NUMBERS THEN THE RETARDED STEAMCHART
        Heres a clue.
        Despite the game being literally unplayable for years and more and more community memebers leaving with no updates it not only stagnated but steamchart said grew? Doesn’t that seem fishy? Too good to be true? Even if it didn’t fully die, why would it grow? How does this make sense to you? What new players is tf2 getting every single year with the game not even working?
        Do you see how only an actual fucking mouth breather could believe those numbers.

  3. I like class limits for the simple reason that they are usually pretty strict on sniper numbers so you always have one of the regular ‘good’ snipers of the server arguing with a piss sniper or huntsman to switch to something else

  4. I’m surprised they aren’t fixing the bots or giving TF2 just a smidgen of attention simply to coincide with the Deck release, because I can see people wanting to play TF2 on that.

  5. That bot shit is too real. I hadn’t played in a few years, tried to get back into it and have some fun games over the summer, it’s impossible
    Even when you do find a good server to play with, bots find it and you’re back to square one within 20 minutes. It’s unplayable, but literally. It’s either Snipers that headshot you in 0.1 seconds of your head not having anything between you and them, or Heavies firing long range but with pinpoint accuracy fixes to where you’re still getting lasered to death at long range.

  6. >Hippie business model where workers work on whatever game they want instead of actually ordering them to go where needed

    from what i heard someone actually had to put his big boy pants on to get half-life alyx out the door

    robin walker also openly admitted that model isn’t the best for productivity

  7. >>Hippie business model where workers work on whatever game they want instead of actually ordering them to go where needed
    they’ve ditched that actually

  8. >be valve
    >don’t commit any malicious anti-consumer practices
    >give more freedom to players than any gaming company ever did
    >be viewed as a bad company

    • The thing is, Valve isn’t a terrible soulless company that pumps out shitty sequels and only cares about profits, which makes it hurt all the more. TF2 is still popular, so many people are still passionate about this game and Valve is leaving it to rot. Sure they can’t count to 3 but they’re better than this and we KNOW they’re better than this.

    • It’d be disappointed if there are no more updates, especially since the Heavy one is promised, but I would concede any new future content if they game just actually fucking functioned…

      Maybe balance changes once a year or something too. Especially for the weapons fucked for comp homosexuals in the mode they don’t even play.

  9. Sad that Ganker i mean not even Ganker, Ganker is the last place on the internet where you can call out Valve for being garden gnomes with out getting shut donw.

  10. name five other multiplayer FPS games with ANY kind of support almost 15 years from launch you fucking infant, much less multiple updates a year

    • "Waaaaaah game didn’t die after 1 year, so it shouldn’t be supported."

      As long as they still have an active in-game store, charging real money for game items, it should at the very least basically function.

      Keep sucking that AAA cock, consumer scrote

      • It does function. You’re just seething because they aren’t devoting a bunch of time into constantly battling hackers for a title that’s over a decade old and had its source code leaked. You’re missing out on the garbage official matchmaking, that’s it. Maybe you should have played it for the 80% of its lifespan where hacking wasn’t a problem. Cry some more

        • How is every official server being unplayably hacked by easily avoided script kiddies functioning?

          How do you not expect a company that makes billions off selling other people’s games to do basic maintenance?

          You’re either a 12-year-old homosexual who just discovered contrarianism or some dota scrote who can’t stand that his le epic company is being mocked. Keep dilating that nu pussy.

          • The game has a ton of fully-functioning community servers. An inordinate amount, all things considered. Let’s take a look at some other critically-acclaimed multiplayer FPS games from 2007:
            >Halo 3
            >CoD 4: Modern Warfare
            I wonder how well their official support is doing. They’re getting two guaranteed updates a year each, right? And with dozens of community servers to choose from, with varied maps, gamemodes and objectives. Oh wait, two of them have since been remade and respectively milked dry and the other has been dead ever since. I don’t think any of their original servers are even still up.

            You’re applying an unfair metric to TF2 because Valve has long since supported it beyond the standard. At what point in your mind are they allowed to retire the game? Do they have to devote employees to working on it for twenty years after launch? Thirty? Get a real perspective and unironically grow the fuck up a little. It’s over. Either uninstall the game or enjoy what’s left of it, but nobody is going to solve the epin bot crisis because you demand that they force employees to battle a hacker problem in a free shooter game that’s older than 95% of its current playerbase. You are not owed a lifetime of playing a single multiplayer game.

          • None of those games are still selling content with the expectation of other players seeing it (cosmetics, taunts, skins) And two of them are confined to obsolete console generations.

            What is your actual end-goal sticking up for billionaires? Do you get mad when people point out corporations cheat on their taxes too? Post your garden gnome nose.

          • >I’m allowed to demand whatever I want as long as I demand it from billionaires
            you can hide behind this argument but I hope you eventually realize you’re not actually doing anything of note, you’re not even being heard by said billionaires
            you are shrieking at your own peers and whinging about something they cannot grant you and that is why you are insufferable and alone

          • They’re actively making money off the product, you dumb heeb.
            You’re not my peer, you’re some reddit homosexual who’s absolutely flailing with nonsense claims because you’re upset people still like an old game.
            Shouldn’t you be playing the new CoD $100 edition right now?

          • I actually play tf2 and enjoy the game unlike you who supports the company not fixing a game that still brings in a lot of revenue.
            I do not play COD you brought it up.

          • Bad comparison homosexual. There is no TF3 it is their latest game in the series unlike your examples which are rightfully dead.

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