65 thoughts on “>get on the mic, Anon”

  1. It was an alright manga until it meandered for over 100 something chapters, then shat the bed with a dumb love triangle and the conclusion of that story is downright retarded.
    Just watch the anime and leave it at that

  2. >ye 1 sec
    >sorry my audio codecs are outdated gimme 1 sec
    >shit that was my speakers, lemme hop in my headset
    >ok im here
    >wtf do you mean you cant hear me? dicord updated their shit again? lemme sit in options for 10mins
    >ok im done
    >can you hear me?
    >guys hello
    >can you hear me guys?
    >typing: "can yo hear me?"
    >10 more mins passes
    >dude get that RTX voice addon pls holy fuck
    >im on it
    >can you hear me now?
    >guys can you hear me?
    >hello, guys?

  3. if you get on the mic and you try that fucking meek anime girl roleplay act I will verbally abuse the shit out of you until you leave the server. you are not an anime girl, speak like you have a pair

  4. Don’t have one. Still waiting for Sudotek to appear in my shithole even if by independent resellers on auction sites who import from travel.

  5. >get on mic
    >start speaking
    >they ask me why i sound so finnish
    no matter how much english i speak i never get rid of the finnish accent

  6. >use mic
    >wow anon, you have such a nice voice
    I don’t need you omegahomosexuals to hit on me I just want an easier method of communication

  7. Gave this manga a shot but it’s too gag focused. Was expecting some plot. Does it get better? I know he gets the girl like 300 chapters in or something.


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