69 thoughts on “>He actually uses the vehicles and roads instead of walking.”

    • He hasn’t done both a playthrough efficiently expanding all the roads and making a zipline network AND a minimalist walking with cargo carriers with only the necessary cargo per delivery

      • Nah bro, I load up on as much shit as I can carry to build stuff for my fellow porters. I just wanna lighten the load of the anons out there.
        and I will do it again once directors cut is out for PC

  1. >get game at pc launch
    >rush to saferoom
    >go back and make one right by that dropoff point in the first area
    >quit game for months
    >come back to nearly a million likes
    I thought things degraded, or is that only when im logged in?

    • Only when you’re logged in but because you built early you basically get all the resources used to build new roads as repairmaterials. Provided people keep building that road it will pretty much always be in good condition. I built all roads seemingly single-handedly on PS4 launch and I’ve never needed to repair them over the 600 hours of play I had.

      • I scrapped that save anyways to replay, i regret losing all them likes like a teenage girl that deletes a tweet that blew up.

  2. I’m not giving up my S rank because you wanted to be fucking autistic, fuck you. Your package is getting delivered in pristine condition with no timefall erosion, that case is gonna look so new it fucking GLEANS, and that’s because I used ziplines, vehicles, and roads. Seethe, cope, dilate.

  3. >road costs are skyrocketing ever higher on the mountain knot city route
    >kojimbo starts speaking to suggest I walk there for my first delivery
    >truck back and forth from various stops along the road I already built hoovering up the material I need
    >kojima is getting progressively louder, now sam is saying he’s bored of driving
    >whenever I run out of materials I do one of the deliveries for them, and if I run out of those I just log off and come back a few days later
    >over 2/3rds done now; kojima has progressed to using telepathy to tell me to use the new shoes I got from that old lady and start walking
    >I ignore him and keep going
    >just before I deposit the final batch of ceramics to finish the road, my truck spontaneously explodes and cargo is scattered everywhere
    >sam is visibly joyful, exclaims how he can’t wait to start walking
    >jokes on him, because someone parked their motorbike on the side of the road
    >get up to mountain knot city and make the story delivery, now weeks late
    >immediately skip all the cutscenes
    >I can hear the dev team crying through my headset now

  4. >driving everywhere

    You might as well just play Snowrunner. Actually if you liked Death Stranding you should play Snowrunner.

    • I’m a truck autist but i actually loved Death Stranding more because of the ambiance and all the good vibes the game gives you.
      It probably sounds homosexualgy as shit but this game helped me when i really felt like shit.

      • >It probably sounds homosexualgy as shit but this game helped me when i really felt like shit.
        I find it a more interesting postapocalypse than most cases, more realistic even, because when I see at disasters like say Fukushima or Katrina I don’t see people wearing rubber and spikes raping and killing, I see people isolating, running away, being scared, most of them are victims and is nice people acknowledging kindness

      • I don’t think that sounds homosexualgy. It seems like the game has a lot of themes and perseverance in the face of hopelessness is a big one. I think Kojima himself would be glad to have read your post.

      • Seconding this. It doesn’t sound homosexualgy. Kojima really meant what he said about this being a new genre of its own. It’s an extremely comfy game where everything: the gameplay, sound design, themes, even down to the fucking voice acting, work together to make this game an experience

    • Brother, dropping several more unnecessary gameplay hours into helping other people mindlessly cruise for the map or mayhaps even for our own future laziness.

      would i do it again? absolutely

    • there’s a new road directly over the mountains from near the weather station that leads to mountain knot city in the director’s cut

    • that’s not how it works. It will only complete the construction of about 1/6 of the roads, if that. But you’d know that if you actually played the game.

  5. >t.can’t offroad with a truck
    Nothing beats doing the roads for likes and then using the optimal route cross country. Also play with a controller, having a trigger for variable boost speed is imperative.

      • If you just power through the story and don’t do any of the side content until after you reach the mountains then yeah you have a point. But I 5* all the preppers before I got to the mountains so made use of a lot of the on foot gear they give you. And even then, some of the roads cost a fuck tonne of materials so you’re going to be doing a lot of deliveries on foot anyway. And that’s not even considering the fact that you have to pretty much on foot/off road all the 1st deliveries you make to these preppers anyway since they’re not on the network so you can’t make use of the zip lines etc…


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