20 thoughts on “Heya what gaem are you playing?”

  1. […]

    That means you’re a dangerous predator
    These images meant to invoke your sadistic side by seeing a defenseless little girl alone in an abandoned place

  2. Metroid Zero Mission
    Just beat Mother Brain by standing in place and tanking every shot and now I’m getting filtered by the zero suit section since everything before was so easy I never saw the game over screen once

  3. Waiting for the 22.10 to play the most generic sounding game possible

    I never thought that a fucking Chinese game is maybe even make me abandoning my weeb life. This rpg looks so perfect and even the demo was an easy 10/10.

    When Nvidia showed that this game had DLSS2.0 and ray tracing, I had to look it up and I nearly put it on the ignore list because of Chinese. But for some insane reason it looks just perfect.

    After getting fucked by Japanese companies for decades with shit like
    >no full Japanese support for gaijins
    >no Persona 5 The Royal on PC because Japanese companies have a brain dead retarded management
    >Japan is starting to add sjw politics into their games

    And when I thought I will maybe quit gaming completely, the most generic sounding game in the history of gaming from a country that is famous for literal gacha trash and asset flip games, I see a game which made me so hyped like I never have been in my life, even I realized that the timeline is shift every fucking day.

    That I’m getting hyped for a Chinese game should tell you how fucked up the Western and Japanese "gaming" market it. And the most insane part is that this is exactly the game I ever wished for.


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