22 thoughts on “How bad do you think it’s going to be this week?”

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    Who in the flying fuck posts this shit? Why in the fuck would anyone on this forum care abiut tbis?

    To me, i see nothing but the japanese themselves as the ones posting these stupid ass threads. "Derrrr lerk at how gerd japan in doing"

    I dont fucking care. I have never, ever view any japanese content on this website in the 8 years ive been using it

    >inb4 you looked at this image. Now please dont criticize japan and please buy jap comocs amd magazines.

    Kill yoirswlf japan

  2. Extremely interested to see how Dread does, Nintendo actually gave it decent marketing in Japan and it seems to be quite popular there by Metroid standards

  3. These threads have been unreadable ever since the Nips betrayed Sony and the Tendies took over. I miss gold face so fucking bad.

  4. Last week was really interesting with the top 3 or 4 PS4 games. Can’t wait to see if the Japs are still indifferent to Metroid

    • Nah, the Top 10 is usually the same time, with a couple minutes of delay here and there.
      You have a point about the Top 30 though, they can show up anywhere.

  5. Metroid will be interesting because besides the original Famicom game they’ve all done shit in financials, let alone their low numbers WW. You can see it’s doing well on Amazon and on the eShop, though only time will tell. On the physical front at least.
    With OLED having come out we can estimate whether interest was dying out with the ~40k units the past few weeks or if they were truly just waiting for the newer model. Though like other systems, it can be just as easily scalped, so that’s just numbers.
    PS5 can be absurdly high or absurdly low HW and have only 1-2 PS4 games like before, but I feel a few more will stick around from last week’s chart. The second week is usually light, but who knows from there?
    Xbox lmao. Might go 3.5k depending on how much got shipped last week, as they’re selling everything that gets sent there it seems.


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