64 thoughts on “I had to wait in line since 4AM, but I finally got a PS5”

  1. Welcome fellow PS5 chad, I see you are causing a tendie meltdown, dont worry, they are temperamental after finding out all their games are easily emulated and the Steam Deck is mogging them.

    I suggest all 3 here, they are all fantastic. I also ordered Judgement, im sure its gonna be great.

  2. I mean, wouldn’t you already have an idea of what games to buy for it since you went through all the effort of buying that stupid looking pos?

  3. None. There’s nothing worth playing that you can’t play on another platform.

    >Muh returnal
    >Muh Demake Soulless
    Neither of those games are good, and they’re still charging $70 for these shitty games.

  4. Astro’s Playroom is fun and comes with your system
    Kena is great, a PS console exclusive that runs better on PS5 than post PCs
    Ratchet and Clank is great
    Dark Souls remake is great
    Any PS4 game looks and runs better on it

  5. If you can get used copies on the cheap, Ratchet Rift Apart and Returnal if you’re looking for PS5-onlys. DMC5SE too.
    As for PS4 games that are genuinely enhanced, Death Stranding and Tsushima both just recently got PS5 upgrades, and honestly even the latter runs perfectly fine at I think 4K60 through the regular PS4 version on it. Also if you’ve been wanting to play Cyberpunk it’s like $10-15 for a PS4 copy now and even without the PS5 upgrade it runs at 60FPS with minor drops on it

  6. The new Ratchet and Clank and the black Spiderman game if you didn’t play that on PS4 yet. Returnable and Demons Soul if you like Soulsborne stuff.
    Aside from that there’s just PS4 games.

  7. Returnal if you’re a fan of hardcore games, then Demon Souls.

    Ratchet and Clank if you’re a fan of old cartoon games.

    If you didn’t have a PS4 then there a shit ton of other things to try.

  8. Play the games included in the PS+ collection if you skipped the PS4. For PS5, there’s Returnal, Demons Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Nioh Collection, FF7R Intergrade. Astro’s Playroom is a must-play and a good showcase of the new controller too.

  9. I genuinely don’t understand why anyone would purchase this console. It has literally no good new games and most of the shit you’ll be playing is just your PS4 library.
    I understand the appeal of Xbox to normals, they get a bunch of shovelware with their monthly sub. And Nintendo homosexuals get their yearly Mario and Zelda. But what the FUCK does the PS5 offer?

    • I got one for the games it will eventually get next year and in 2023. No point in waiting if I had a chance now. Not like it will go down in price any time soon. Also had to pass away stimulus cash on something.


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