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  1. Congrats OP. Your post made me start replaying Hogwarts Mystery. This mobile garbage is the closest thing I’ve played to a visual novel. Can my fellow autists recommend anything similar? I have no experience with the genre. Is(was) Telltale shit any good?

      • He also had no nose and found hugs to he awkward and terrifying.

        If you wanna know what’s REALLY bad, a lot of real world dictators are stupider and crazier.

        • The Klan also decorated themselves with a lot of intimidating imagery. It stems from an jnsecure desire to look like the toughest guy in the room. They’re trying to convince everyone they’re strong and going to put to screws to that one group you hate. And they always do torture somw scape goat but it’s just a big power fantasy that wastes resources and achieves nothing.

          Of all the things JK wrote that was stupid and unlikely, Voldermort was not wrong. It’s actually kinda how a lot of that shit is.

          • >Voldermort was not wrong.
            About what exactly? Because his belief that Wizards were the master race was absurd since they’re so backwards and idiotic. It’s canon that open war between Normals and Wizards would unavoidably result in Wizards getting slaughtered. Supposed "Muggle Experts" don’t even know what guns are. When asked what guns were, if Harry gave an accurate description of them and said they could blow your head off from almost a mile away with no time to react, every Wizard present would have went pale with fear and become paranoid about Muggles.

          • >Because his belief that Wizards were the master race was absurd since they’re so backwards and idiotic
            That’s Grindelwald’s belief. Voldemort’s stemmed from Salazar’s which was that fucking muggles is bad for magic. An idea was suggested in the early days of the Ganker potter threads that is somewhat backed by Rowling’s clumsy world building that proves Salazar and Voldemort right.

          • >It’s canon that open war between Normals and Wizards would unavoidably result in Wizards getting slaughtered
            Which is why wizards should have wiped them all out much earlier, before they discovered gunpowder. Now it’s too late and they’re fucked forever.

            Unless someone creates a nuke spell, that could fix things. Hopefully the next dark lord will finally have the final solution for the muggle question.

      • The deviant’s desperate cope: to normalize their homosexualry. WE ALL DO IT, I SWEAR! YOU DON’T LIKE IT, YOU MUST SECRETLY DO IT TOO! See how that holds up in a public prison when they find out you’re a diddler.

        • How many teens are in juvie for hooking up with another teen, I wonder? You DO realize that this is about pining for high school romance that never was, right? You aren’t a total unremitting retard?

          • This. Puppy-love is the fantasy here.

            >Hufflepuffs give the best head and do the most drugs
            >Ravenclaws make the cutest sounds and try to turn one-night stands into long term relationships
            >Slytherins are most into group sex and toys
            >Gryffindors will let you cum inside and are into exhibitionism

            Post romantic Ravenclaw girls.

    • If we’re going by what we’ve seen about the wizarding world, and hell even the school, the rules on that sort of thing seem increeedibly lose.

      • They can and do kill people without a trial. Even if you get a trial it’s a kangaroo court. The only thing that matters is if her family is rich enough to have you killed without a trial. The HP universe is fucking anarchy in robes.

        • >They have a prison where Prisoners are forced to live in inhuman conditions and have their Souls slowly eroded by unholy Wraith-Like Abominations.
          >Azkaban was literally the fortress of a past Dark Lord, who made the Dementors.

          Wizards are stupid Barbarians.

          • That was the compromise they came up with though after learning that Azkaban was a den of unkillable monsters that feed on joy and souls and reproduce from human misery. Had they not decided to throw their prisoners there to keep the dementors distracted said dementors were going to spill out of the island and terrorize innocents in the nearby settlements.

  2. I gave up on this thing somewhere in 3rd year. Did we ever get to fuck her? Obviously not on screen, but were there any convenient fade to black after a romance scene type things?

  3. She looks like a Sims 4 character, she’s not even that attractive. Like seriously, what the hell is the appeal? Is it all ironic/meme based?

    Don’t get me wrong, the art is really good. Just not the official/in-game stuff, so I don’t understand why people find her sexy to begin with. Is this one of those "Pokemon is so popular people will draw great porn of it even if there’s nothing sexy about the source material" type deals?

    • She’s prickly and miserable and would sooner stomp on your balls than accept your pity.
      Her resistance only makes my penis harder, I want to hug and fug

    • Think it’s a combination of building onto the personality she displays in the game, so mostly writing and fanart, and the continued momentum from a dev shilling the game here and being the first waifuhomosexual for her.


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