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  1. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/10/square-enix-trademarks-valkyrie-elysium-in-japan-gungho-online-entertainment-trademarks-deathverse

    are you guys going to get your hopes up too? at this point, I’d even be fine with a fucking gacha, as long as its better than Anatomia

    • >I’d even be fine with a fucking gacha
      nah, I’d be fine with a lower budget, to look like Exist Archive.
      but gacha? nope, fuck them if they do that again.

  2. it has probably the best atmosphere of any jrpg ever, the ost is incredible, the sprite work is gorgeous and some of the side stories are absolutely amazing but the combat is very one-note despite the intially interesting gimmick and the lack of an overall plot for most of it makes it kinda feel directionless
    still an extremely interesting game

  3. its really fucking good 100% unique. 2 is also really good that adds a 3d arena which lets you target monster parts to break to create weaknesses and farm for materials monster hunter style to make powerful accessories. Literally nothing else like it on the market. What a shame that this series died. VP3 never ever brothers.

    • you know whats super sad.
      final fantasy 13-3 kinda is vp3
      in fact it works exactly like a vp3 should work. just have a super ugly ff13 skin over it.

      • Gameplay wise it’s definitely more of a follow-up to 1 than 2. I’d like to see an iteration on the combat in 3D space with a party.

      • nah, sure it has the whole valkyrie underlying thematic going on, but VP itself relies on party dynamics.
        Lightning Returns could be considered a VP Gaiden, not VP3. Covenant of the Plume is a canon VP3

          • it works more like Dante’s styles in DMC, while in VP your einherjars take into account their combo potential’s total not only to build up their PWS but also considering said specials when following them up with the other members till you link all 4 in a single string. it’s very dependant on its party.
            with Lightning, your buildup leads to stagger and its consequent spam of skills to take advantage of the loss of resistances. it’s just a "attack its weak point for massive damage" antics.
            XIII-2 itself was more in line with VP in this aspect, considering you also had to manage a large roster and consider each character’s unique skills to optimize the party’s strategy.

          • dude, insted of dresses, they are just extra party members. each with 4 attacks, exactly like vp.
            even the fucking premise of ff13-3 is from vp

          • all the dresses offer is a particular passive skill and maybe one or two locked unique attacks bound to them which are usually useless anyway. often your switching will be used just to charge ATB while attacking without using its unique skills.
            by endgame you’ll be alternating between only two dresses, one for sup/healing while the other attacks.
            meanwhile in VP you can’t get by on 3 members only, at all. PWS reliews entirely combo count. each character counts. same with XIII-2

  4. It’s good, if I recall the game is available in the Google Store, so you can play it on your phone, but alas is Squeenix, so it’s expensive as fuck for a phone game.

  5. No. It’s tri-ace which means the presentation is nice and it seems like it should be great, but the writing is absolutely terrible and the gameplay is mediocre. Tri-ace are kings of style over substance,
    If you’re playing the ps1 version the voice acting is some of the worst you’ll ever hear.
    If you’re playing the psp version, the apsect ratio is incorrect and it’s got a blur filter you can’t disable.

  6. It’s good, but the way that it’s structured is rather unusual for what you’d expect of a console RPG. It’s more of a dungeon crawler than anything.

  7. Im playing it right now, in chapter 6

    I wanna explain myself more when i finish it in Ganker, but so far, it is great. Some big flaws however are how repetitive it gets and how, at least now in the later chapters, the game gives you way too much periods and the only usage of them is to revisit dungeons to farm exp

  8. Both are fucking masterpieces.

    I played 1 blind on hardest difficulty. It wasnt that hard. Missed the true ending bits or whatever, but hey now i have a reason to replay it.

    2 is such a visual treat. The gameplay from 1 carries over and into 3d as well. Fucking epic ending. God damn i still stop to stare at the sky and remember it. Its one of those endings. The only thing i can say about 2 is you can get trapped leveling up characters that might not be that at the end.

    I was able to emulate part 2, took me all fucking day to get it working. Had to do text editing and shit. But it is possible.

    Havent played DS but should soon.

    • >I played 1 blind on hardest difficulty. It wasnt that hard
      hard mode has more content and throws more items at you as a result, the difference in difficulty is almost non-existent so it’s arguably easier than normal mode at the end of the day

  9. Its meh, especially compared to VP2, which is fucking amazingly paced and far more fun in the fights.
    The DS game is also okay.
    I would call this one the worst in the series because of its episodic nature for half the storyline, meandering pacing even after it remembers to have a main plot and overly simplistic fighting system and fundamental lack of balance to the point people rec playing it on hard so it will be easier.
    Also its overly bland MC. But that’s true for all but VP2

  10. absolute kino, even compared to VP2, which is also good despite not being as good
    play on Normal, bash your head through problems without understanding them, beat it with meh ending, look shit up on Gamefaqs, find out how stuff works, play on hard and beat 100%.
    it’s absolutely worth it.

      • not until halfway in, no. it only starts getting good by the water temple with the kraken.
        granted, VP1 is also crap until you’re done with the initial 20%.

        • it plays better
          it looks better
          has better puzzles
          it has better itemization

          if you like the story of 1 more than 2 thats just a personal opinion. and if in fact, the story of 1 is bettert than 2, thats not enough to make it a better game.


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