47 thoughts on “It’s growing on me”

  1. Still bullshit how we had this style from Let’s Go that could have been further improved on, but instead we’re going to some weird chibi style.

    • The remake would unironically be perfect if it just looked like this instead, but gamefreak have to fuck something up every time

  2. Realistically, can this game fail?

    Yeah I know it’s Pokemon and all, but it looking more cheap and lazy and pointless than ever before + a much more hyped and ambitious mainline game coming just a few months after makes me think many people will want to skip this.

    • >5 minute into the game you get an extra pokemon in some sort of box gacha
      >even the first normal pokemon capture with a creature low level with low health is as low as 27%
      I get what they are doing with the mobile phone

  3. >switch game
    >looks worse than the 3DS ones
    This is where I draw the line, even after falling for the SWSH meme and not being angry about it.
    First mainline pokemon that I’ll skip.

  4. no it doesn’t, pokehomosexuals like you just need their pokemon fix every 6 months like the fucking drug addicts they are.


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