70 thoughts on “ITT: Video games people pretend to enjoy for no other reason than to fit into some clique.”

  1. Have you noticed how we used to love DDDA and have comfy threads about it. And now ever since zoomers are posting it’s all of the sudden a bad game? I want zoomers to leave.

  2. This game FUCKING SUCKS
    you were fooled into liking it and I’ll explain why;
    >no indication on where roads lead
    >no hint of what enemies are weak to
    >no explanation of when enemies are alone or in groups
    >no warning of which status effects to avoid
    >no clue to which items are masterworks

    honestly no idea how people can defend this game

  3. Why didn’t they announce it at e3 bros
    why didn’t they announce it at TGS bros
    it is coming, right?
    someone give me hope

  4. I’m just coming in to say Dragon’s Dogma is probably my 1st or 2nd favorite game of all time
    Favorite class is magic archer but I also love fighter and sorcerer.

  5. >the combat is repetative, the characters are shallow, the world is empty and boring and the story is cliched
    >…. but i can make you pawns little girls so it’s totally amazing!!!!!!! no of course i’m not a pedophile she’s only a fictional little girl!!

  6. >the fact that I’m spamming a single ability in an empty world with cardboard cutout characters
    >even worse than 99% of MMOs
    >…is totally justified because I can climb ogres and play out my pedophilic fantasies with the pawn system

  7. >Dragon’s Dogma is… le le le bad bad bad

    I mean, it sucks that it was rush, and DDO was shut down, and my favorite class (warrior) sucks, but its still an amazing game

  8. >noooo people can’t have had genuine fun they all must be pretending
    Summoning giant tornados is fun, sorry anon, getting to feel like a real wizard was cool. Fighting giant monsters much larger than you was cool

  9. OP’s favorite game
    Jk he is too much of a pussy to admit he actually likes any game he only gets off on tearing people down.


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