53 thoughts on “ITT we post studios who never made a bad game.”

  1. Nintendo had not made a single bad game since the snes until BOTW came along, (other M was team Ninja and all the paper marios are good)

  2. Dark souls is a bad game though, and the only other game I have played from them is metal wolf chaos, so from my perspective half their games are bad

        • They had some real abominations back when they starred
          That said I never understood homosexuals that need their companies to be perfect or on the flip which to discredit good games because of said company.

          It’s a fucking game not a church.

          • You may ask that question to OP, I’d say Hal has an excellent track record and I wish they were more involved with other franchises. I loved the DDD episode from AVGN but maybe isn’t as bad as he makes out to be? Xd

          • >and I wish they were more involved with other franchises.
            I hope you get your wish so you can wake up to how careless a thought that is.

      • Just because you spent too much time into being good at bad games to the point where you think they are good games doesn’t make them good games
        I like soulbourne btw

        • >strawman
          DS2 was bad and DS3 was mediocre, but I genuinely think DS1 is the best video game of the last decade at least. Don’t have much of an opinion on Bloodborne; it’s got good artstyle and atmosphere but that’s about it.

          • I think Bloodborne was a very interesting experiment because they were playing on things
            >enemies can eat your echos/souls adding an extra layer of challenge
            >Lack of useful block/shield mechanics
            >parry is now a much more high risk action with limited use
            > Enemies are much more aggressive having long attack chains and the ability to close the gap on you almost instantly
            >you can restorer lost health by immediate aggro
            >a counter top all this is health items are far more abundant

            Basically BB was designed to reward aggression and proactivity more than Dark Souls did, which is why so many soul fans reeee’d because it demanded a lot more eye hand coordination as well as reaction time

          • people reeee because you needed a certain set of hardware to use it. Demon Souls was shat all over until PS3s hit the price of about $150 as well as available by other means and then Ganker was cooming all over for it.

          • >demon souls was shat all over till
            demons souls was shat over when DaS was announced as multiplatform and retarded underages like you started invading the threads fucking newhomosexual

          • Yes, but at the same time:
            >zero build variety
            >dumbing down of stats
            >cosmetic-only armor
            Those were my biggest gripes with the game, and really soured the entire experience for me. Other minor, subjective nitpicking:
            >lack of varied environments; every level in the first half of the game is almost identical
            >uniqueness of trick weapons at the cost of weapon variety entirely
            >guns were a half-baked concept that was poorly executed
            >game length

    • >le epic contrarian man
      Reminder that Ganker worshipped Dark Souls when it came out. It’s only now that the franchise is massively popular that you redditor contrarians feel the need to shit on it.


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