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  1. >All kind of neat designs in the series.
    >For some reason Videl is the only character in DBFZ that gets an alternate costume.
    Surely they realize how much money costume dlc would make them. I’d wager that more people would buy a Majin Vegeta costume on Playstation alone than the entirty of people who bought Videl on all platforms combined.

  2. >that holiday special where yamcha gathered the dragon balls and wished for frieza to be turned into a cute girl
    How did they get away with it?

  3. Are DBZ universes actually really small compared to IRL concepts of a universe? They don’t expand, they don’t have interstellar issues like space-time fuckery, and the scale shows that its diameter is almost the same as The Snake Way stretched.
    Also, judging by Frieza’s planet control ratio of planets conquered and the amount of them in the universe, it is like 600 planets in a fucking universe overall. And half of it is Kai world.
    They are basically servers.

  4. It’s not too far fetched. Let’s not pretend that Vegeta wasn’t a murderous piece of shit long before Frieza took over because he was. But he still took on a couple of Frieza’s traits while living as his slave. Like Vegeta’s biggest source of pride is being a Saiyan and his Saiyan heritage. And yet when Raditz informed him and Nappa that Saiyans were biologically compatible with the humans of Earth and that the halfbreeds had a higher base strength than pure Saiyans his immediate reaction is to destroy them all to avoid competition. The prime opportunity to rebuild his race stronger than before and his first instinct is to worry about what happens if he’s usurped. It’s such a shitty, retarded, illogical thing to do but it makes sense with Vegeta’s character. Because that’s the same shit that Frieza did. The Saiyans were his ultimate enforcers even taking a planet full of future seeing psychics when no one else could. And his first thought after hearing this and seeing unexplained jumps in power is to wipe them out to eliminate the chance that one of them could usurp him. Even though the strongest Saiyan alive maxed out at .00083% of his total power even as a Great Ape

    • >And his first thought after hearing this and seeing unexplained jumps in power is to wipe them out to eliminate the chance that one of them could usurp him.
      I think Frieza did it because they were too proud, not because they were necessarily strong. He had stronger aliens than any of the saiyans serving him as grunts.

  5. Reminder that Vegeta has one of the best written character arcs in the series and that it concluded with him respecting Goku and learning to be a family man during the Buu arc until Super decided to retroactively destroy all of it just like how Toriyama destroyed everything good about Gohan after the Cell arc because he wanted to shill more content out of the series

      • If he was the same character as he was at the end of Z he wouldn’t care about power level homosexualry and wouldn’t still be seething that kakarot is stronger then him

        • That moment never made sense. Why would Vegeta accept eternal inferiority to Goku just because Goku reached new heights after training in the Afterlife? Super actually makes sense, instead of chasing after Goku, Vegeta has taken a different path from Goku and has obtained a different powerup.

    • This is because Super is basically a Precure show with Dragon Ball characters.
      The humor, the writing, the music, the characters behavior etc everything is basically Precure-like and this is because Toei’s biggest projects since like 2004 are Precure shows (and One Piece but this one follows the manga, so beside filler, Toei haslittle involvement with the writing)

      • The biggest problem with Super to me is its over reliance on humor when Toriyama is unfunny as shit. It’s like he wants to recreate the Piccolo goes to driving school for every episode without realizing that the reason why that worked like it did was because the characters were taken very seriously for the most part of Z so there was a noticeable tone shift when it happened whereas everyone acts like joke character at all times in Super. Z was an action show with some comedic elements every now and then, Super is just a very poorly written comedy with light action elements in between

        • I think the other half of the problem is that the series has gone on too long. Even in Z the status quo threatened to change with the more serious tone. The Saiyan through Namek saga, despite dragging on and having a few stupid moments, felt like a complete story that closed the loop on Goku’s origins and offered promises of a new beginning for the cast. Like Goku was dead. The Dragonballs can’t revive him. We now know what Goku even was and why he ended up on Earth and all of those reasons were resolved. Our demon king is now a good guy but he’s been replaced by Vegeta.

          And then the first thing Tori does is say "no Frieza isn’t actually dead and Goku isn’t actually dead and here’s this super cool time traveller that’s also a Super Saiyan that can dab all over the galactic emperor because some NEET made robots in his basement that are several orders of magnitudes better and more efficient than the technology of a spacefaring species." But even then it sort of shook up the status quo with Goku deciding to stay dead and to let the Earth sort its own shit out with a living god amongst them.

          Fast forward to Super and this shit happens so often that apocalypses aren’t only unimportant, they’re expected like the weather. And nothing changes between them. They were just assaulted by a rouge god who infected reality with himself and it’s considered so unimportant that no one talks about it anymore. Mind you Tien refused to wear Saiyan armor in the Cell saga because he was still angry at what Vegeta did. Super feels a lot more like a cartoon where nothing matters than the rest of the franchise.

          • The Buu arc really cemented the fact that nothing matters in the series anymore since everyone being revived is guaranteed so anyone being killed is the equivalent of just getting a time out for a few episodes. The Top arc in Super tried to fix this a little bit by putting universes at stake but it was pretty obvious the main universe wouldn’t lose and top had a dozen issues outside of this to deal on its own

          • The ToP is sort of frightening when you look at it in context with the rest of the series. Everyone always excuses it by saying

            >Well Goku didn’t nearly kill anyone. Zeno was going to blow up the universe anyway. Goku gave everyone a chance.

            For starters I have a real problem with the idea that Zeno was actually going to blow up the multiverse. But more to the point that Goku making the tournament was an act of heroism. Goku didn’t give a fuck about saving anyone. He was bored and so he forced the tournament and he found out about all that other shit after the fact. Mind you this is after Beerus and Whis, a literal god and angel who knows who Zeno is, warned him not to do it for entirely understandable reasons. But the narrative justified Goku, he never needed to learn anything. And this is consistent. Toriyama said

            > I’ve always been dissatisfied with the "righteous hero"-type portrayal they gave him. I guess I couldn’t quite get them to grasp the elements of "poison" that slip in and out of sight among the shadows.

            And Vegeta only got to live because Goku didn’t want to lose his punching bag. This is after Vegeta killed most of his friends, the source of the Dragonballs, his god, and nearly his son. But the rest of the universe now has to live with Goku’s antics. The heroes will never get to just rest, Gohan will never get to just enjoy his family. Because Goku might pick a fight with an eldritch alien because he’s bored and everyone else has to just deal with it.

  6. Bejita was only mad because Freeza made the Saiyans slaves and then murdered them. The Saiyans loved killing people, they were literal barbarians.

  7. lolretconned. Now Beerus told him to because he didn’t like their food.

    Fuck modern entertainment and fuck the Philadelphia Flyers.


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