59 thoughts on “Kinda want this Top Nep.”

  1. Instead of making a new game from the main story there doing a REMAKE of a REMAKE of the first game and making it ps5 exclusive.

    Why the fuck would u remake rebirth 1? Were literally at the point now of the family guy skit being real (remakes of remakes made for retarded people)

  2. The Neptunia franchise is "that guy", the series. You know "that guy", even if you are "that guy".
    He made a funny joke once, and you and your friends laughed at it. He thought he hit gold, and said the joke again a month later. You all still laugh, because it’s a funny joke, but not as much because you heard it before. Then he keeps repeating the joke every week hoping he gets the same response from the first time he told the joke, and you all stop laughing within the month, not even wanting to be polite to the guy. Then the guy starts printing t-shirts of the "hilarious in-joke" to sell you, and when you all finally snap and tell him the joke isn’t funny anymore, he puts on the "autism face" (you know the one, it’s a downcast unexpressive look) and says "well, I don’t get it, you guys were laughing at the joke earlier", and nothing in his autism-addled mind tells him he should probably try telling the joke to someone else if he wants to hear a good laugh from someone who hasn’t heard the joke yet
    Don’t be "that guy". Don’t encourage "that guy".

  3. Boys, what the hell do you do with it after you’ve spent lots of money for it? Just looking at it? Hotglueing it from time to time? I don’t get this shit.


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