WATCH: mom rages on livestreaming son having a smelly gamer moment Gamers sometimes need to poop where they sit instead of wasting time going to the bathroom, but this mom won't tolerate gamer moments.

Who was in the wrong here?

A viral livestream video has a mom rudely intruding on a gamer’s Mafia III livestream to order her son to, “Get off your game, go to the bathroom, and take a shit. Now.” Not getting a response, she continues, “Bathroom and shit now! I can smell you!”

The gamer is confused and unable to understand her rage, so she explains: “You’re SHITTING yourself. Poop is coming out of your fucking asshole! Go to the bathroom!”

“Not yet.”

The stream was originally posted to creeperman 90‘s YouTube channel but it has since been deleted.

The problem of gamers catching flak for festering in their own feces is actually a lot more common than previously thought, proving gamers are truly the most oppressed class.

Gamers, like the astronauts before them, have to make certain sacrifices when going for smithing daily record in Runescape.

UPDATE: It’s not the first time either. Here’s another video from his channel featuring mom haranguing him about the same gamer issue. You can also hear his dad making unhelpful comments about the smell instead of allowing his son to maximize his gaming.

Update: his account has been banned from youtube, rip.

66 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">WATCH: mom rages on livestreaming son having a smelly gamer moment</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Gamers sometimes need to poop where they sit instead of wasting time going to the bathroom, but this mom won't tolerate gamer moments.</span>”

  1. How is gamers pooping their pants while achieving high performance gaming maneuvers any different from astronauts pooping their pants while achieving high performance space maneuvers? Champions do whatever it takes to win. Wanna talk about Armstrong’s poopy butt while he and the hidden Black Women flew to the moon?

  2. it really is annoying when you’re on a long mission and you’re doing really well, and then you have to fine a cuck-spot to hide in because you need to shit and your gut hurts so bad. I’ve been thinking about getting a shit bucket for a while now, especially this week because I picked up this 12-pack of yogurt smoothies and it’s been making me shit like a goose, and this article’s starting to convince me.
    Problem is, I’m no barbarian. I need some toilet paper, wet naps and hand sanitizer if I’m going to make this work. I’m not getting finger-shit all over my gaming keyboard.
    I’m a shitty boi and I don’t apologize.

    • Just shit your pants? It stays confined in your pants until you’re ready to deal with it. It’s the easiest option too, if you really need to go but really don’t want to lose focus – which you will if you have to focus on unfastening your pants and getting it all in the bucket and wiping yourself up afterwards. I’ve only done it two or three times over the course of my years of gaming, but I’ve probably wet myself a couple times more, too.

      I can usually hold on almost forever, but occasionally you get caught short and realise it’s too late to make it, even if you were to leave your seat at that moment. So you make a judgement call to accept it and keep focusing on the game while the ‘accident’ unfolds until you can deal with it later. Unpleasant but necessary for those achievements.

    • I’m already on #1 but have yet to take the leap to freedom for my bunghole. I’m worried that my mother is getting old and giving her additional cleaning duties would be unfair. Tips?

  3. On a serious note did anybody invent like a piss bottle but for pooping yet? The piss bottle is so convenient and sanitary (close cap and it’s like it never happened) and I wish we could extend this gamer tech to number #2.

  4. How would you fix the situation if this was your son, anons? Would give him the biggest beating of his life solve anything? Or is it too late and you might as well just go away and never look back?

      • This
        If he manage to return home he has a second chance but now he’s forced to live in the garden shed until he learns to be a human.

    • The bigger your reaction the stronger it reinforces the behavior. There’s a reason a mother who screams like that produced a son who shits his pants.

      • So the correct course of action would be to do nothing as he just sits there and shits himself
        Even though you’re going to have to clean both the chair and his pants later

        • Ironically saying nothing can produce just as much of a reaction. Awkward silence after pooping your pants would be brutal I assume.

          • retard, beating him for pooping himself will attach negative response to him pooping himself, so if you beat him well, he will remember the beating next time when he is about to shit himself and stops himself from committing the shit out of fear of bodily harm

    • Of he’s under 10 years of age I’d yell at him and take away his games and phone for a weak, if he does it again the time goes up to a month and so on.
      If he’s over then he’s getting his ass beat, little bastard should know how to behave like a human if he doesn’t he’s going to be treated as an animal.
      If he tries to correct himself I’d give positive support and reward him with his favourite food.
      If whooping his ass doesn’t work and he’s too retarded to understand a punishment reward system that even dogs understand I’m sending his ass to a mental institution.
      I’m sorry but he’d be better there than at home where he shit on the carpet and get beaten as a result.

    • Rip the controller out of his hands and pause the game. Now his single player game is in no danger and he has no excuse. Punishment and lecturing to come after he takes a shit.

  5. just fucking tell the people you’re playing with that you gotta go take a fat ogre shit, fucking retard
    >t. plays games with a literal florida man who can at least manage to not shit his pants while playing multiplayer games

  6. >no matter how bad of a fuckup you are, you will never be so bad that your mother has to tell you to go take a shit, well into teenager years

  7. I am a human, an animal of the mammalian family. Sometimes I must shit.

    No, it is not always possible to go to the bathroom. That’s the nature of multiplayer gaming, you can’t just hit Pause. I deal with the mess, _on my own_, on my own terms, as soon as I am able to.

    Millions of people like me exist. Nobody is standing up for us when we are grossly bullied, sometimes even by family members.

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  9. Regarding that Oslo screenshot… people really need some context of this before actually judging. He was going for smithing daily record in runescape. What that consists of is 30 hours straight no breaks of doing that skill.

    Its not like any other game. You cant compare it to playing league for 30 hours straight or csgo. its extremely taxing. Its a long term consistency challenge. Its very easy to do this activity “tick perfect” as you would say in runescape terms, which means as fast as humanly possible. So the challenge is to make as few mistakes as possible and slowly build a lead doing that OVER 30 HOURS STRAIGHT.

    A competitive skill you could only hope to save 10 ish ticks per hour, which is just 6 seconds. Now imagine building a 6 second lead, for this example, for 28 hours of click intensive focused gameplay, then ruining all those hours just cus u had to take a shit. Smithing isnt really a competetive skill in runescape for records, which is why the gaps are bigger than usual. But this is just some context as to what wasting that 1 minute or whatver on taking a shit would cost you

    He won rank 2 btw


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