54 thoughts on “Post ONE genuinely funny game.”

  1. Star Fetchers demo got a few laughs out of me but Ganker would probably tell you its reddit or something. Just enjoy what you enjoy

  2. How does God Hand hold up lads
    Am I too destroyed by the internet’s vendetta against liking things unironically or things being "cringe" to enjoy it again?
    [spoiler] Just kidding.
    >I’M GETTIN’ HUNGRY HOMBRE [/spoiler]

  3. Disgaea 5 was funny by playing a shit ton of 100 year old tropes straight for laughs
    Couldn’t save the gameplay tho, dropped it at around the time they are trying to learn the secret technique

    • replayed the first og trilogy little while ago and was surprised to find the games get funnier with each installment for the most part


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