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  1. I don’t care for the mass KH1 pandering of Smash Sora. And most "KH fans" likely have only played 1 and 2 and barely remember anything about the franchise.

  2. Nobody is going to buy the cloud things right? How does any company think they can sell you a game without actually giving you the game?

  3. I’m so fucking excited. Ultimate is mid as fuck as far as Smash games go but Sora’s the first character Ultimate added that I actually wanted.

  4. >Sora’s standard aerial is twice the length of anything Ridley (my main) can use in the air
    >hard countered by one move
    This is fucking retarded

    • yeah that makes it even harder to get excited for any normal gamer would just be, meh more paid dlc

      seems like Smash is for appeasing the lowest common denominator that would keep Nintendo relevant by doing the bare minimum and giving smash rosterhomosexual neckbeards any character they can soiface too and bam, Nintendo can release nogaems scotsfree

      any true fan of Nintendo games should despise smashhomosexuals for essentially becoming a get out of jail free-card, companies like EA are jealous that Nintendo gets to have a special kind of sperg slaves that are incredibly easy to please(that and Pokemon)

      • >companies like EA are jealous that Nintendo gets to have a special kind of sperg slaves that are incredibly easy to please
        nvrmind EA DOES have their own class of cattle with the yearly Madden

        the difference is Madden fans are normies and not spergs posting soifaces online

  5. Not really. That game franchise has been on a painful decline since either Brawl or Melee (depending on what you value) and its been one disappointment after another.

    I think Nintendo making it transparently obvious that they only put characters in the game they advertised as the best collection of Nintendo stuff celebrating Nintendo, they only put in as a marketing exercise they make you pay for so they can tell you about an upcoming, high price release kind of killed it for most people.

    Like, why was it Sora and not someone that people actually care about? Because the Switch has an upcoming release of a bunch of Kingdom Hearts ports. So, they put the character in Smash so that you can pay for them to remind you that they have that release coming up.

    Not to mention, gamers have zero sense of self-control. So, with Smash being one of the biggest games in the world, any kind of hissy fit that people throw about "quitting the game forever" will A) not last as people (especially Nintendo fans) always come back and B) will be outweighed by all of the (ridiculous number of) Kingdom Hearts fans that come into the game specifically because of their baby boy being added to Nintendo’s major marketing exercise.

    • Makes sense to me. KH3 was the first major entry that wrote out the entirety of FF. Which was literally half of Kingdom Hearts.

      • To be fair that’s basically cause every single question that people cared about got answered so it’s not fun to discuss it as much anymore.

  6. Why would there be hype? There’s nothing to do with him at all in Ultimate
    >CPU matches
    >Spirit Board
    >Classic mode
    One and done shit

    Unless you have other people to play with, there’s absolutely nothing to do after completing classic mode.

  7. We have 24 hours till he actually releases and gameplay discussion about him has been happening constantly ever since the presentation
    Where have you been

  8. What do you want us to say? We’ve been talking about him for two weeks. Everything that we’ve wanted to say has been said already.

  9. nu-Ganker shitposting is so boring.
    It’s just the same exact shit over and over.
    I haven’t seen a creative thread on Ganker in years. I don’t know why I still come here and expect anything different.

    • People did wanted him in Smash however no one wants to play Smash anymore since they realize they have to actually play a mediocre game

      • not to mention that Sora suffers from bad timing and oversaturation, Sora should be a bombshell but it ended up as
        >Oh, look another JRPG twink, whoopdy woo
        also not a good time after Kingdom Hearts 3 ended up being rather shit so his stock fell after that too so not much reasons to care about Sora if you are not a big KH guy to start with

        where as Steve, you don’t have to be a minecraft fan to realize Steve is huge, esp with the resurgence of Minecraft memes

        • This pic is so retarded since it’s comparing like one week of the Sora video being up to trailers that have been out for years or months.

      • People were more interested in the reveals rather than the game itself. Nobody gives a damn about playing any more of this game than they’ve already played, but considering how much of a crossover event smash has become, it mattered more to everyone who exactly got in.


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