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    • Too hard to realize in every way imaginable and is a +300 Chapter saga that’s nightmare fuel. Most people don’t even know that Berserk goes beyond the Golden Age arc, and think that after the Eclipse the story is basically over and its a story of how Evil was victorious in some warped version of Medieval Europe.

  1. >Remakes are bad because they cha-
    nge the game. Finished that sentence for you
    Maybe stop stuttering like a spastic next time

  2. Miyazaki was a hack that didn’t know how to write, plot, or pace his work. Also, all the cool shit was lifted from Hellraiser. There. It’s out in the open. Mods, clean up here.

  3. Depends on the remake. If it adds content like pokemon HGSS or ff4ds then yeah change is good. If it pulls an FF7R where its not really a remake but a pseudo sequel that completely fucks up the gameplay then yeah, it’s bad.

  4. Resident Evil remakes add Adaptive difficulty that if you do too good at the game, every enemy in the game gets boosted defense, you get less ammo, you take more damage. Stupid bullshit.

    That is all.

  5. Shadow of the Colossus is the one remake I defend considering the game on PS2 looked like a disaster running at 8 FPS, and the PS3 version was somewhat better. Anything else I don’t really care, I don’t even know what else has been remade I hear the Mass Effect Legendary was shit too.

          • Yes, but he uses sex as a means to an end, he doesn’t really have romantic connections to anyone.

            Is that true..? He seems to like the Princess, and is tortured for it. He knows Casca is on love with him, but treats the way he does because he could just make her bow down to him for literally anything, and I feel Griffith has a surpressed sexual attentive desire for Guts, but Miura probably felt having flagrant depictions of gay shit in his writing may have pushed people away. Idk, I think Grif is really odd character, he’s beautiful and charming but a fucking asshole. Pretty baste.

          • >Griffith has a surpressed sexual attentive desire for Guts
            it’s barely suppressed, he tries to get guts to read the kama sutra
            griffith is just autistic and doesn’t know how to talk to guts about it

          • yup
            I think there were probably a few more scenes like that, I haven’t read berserk in a long time though

          • I think Griffith is some kind of asexual. Like he only cares about the power within sex or physical beautiful.
            I do think he was deeply in love with Guts, but almost beyond any sexual aspect.
            I think Griffith liked the princess, but the only reason he slept with her that night was to cope with the pain of Guts leaving. It was something he did in an emotional fit, a rare moment of vulnerability. .

            He clearly took no pleasure in sleeping with merchant, as we see it result in another emotional display, the self mutilation.

          • >He seems to like the Princess
            No. To Griffith the princess is just a means to an end, what matters is her status.
            The reason he fucked her was a mix of trying to comfort himself after his best friend or the person he loves (whichever way you want to interpret that) has left him and a lapse in his judgement, making him think now that his best soldier that had brought him this far is gone he quickly has to secure the princess.
            Whichever way the nature of Griffith’s affection for Guts swings, it’s better left ambiguous.

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