75 thoughts on “Remember TemTem? The game that died horribly within a week? The devs just confirmed that they won’…”

  1. >7 month backlash against GameFreak
    >Had lightening in a bottle.
    >Showcase your woke they/them bullshit.
    Finish it for me, get woke, get

  2. the Ganker general threads died waiting for the Kisiwa update and then after it came out I only played a little bit and haven’t touched the game since then.

  3. >Temtem
    >Mighty No. 9
    >Hokko Life
    When are you idiots going to stop falling for the "new rival to declining franchise" scam? Outside of the once-in-a-generation fluke like Stardew Valley, all they ever do is prove how much fans take for granted about the original series.

    • At least we got the 2D Bloodstained games, those were pretty good. Proving that classicvania style is better than metroidvania ever was tbh

  4. Barely having any mons for each island and forcing players to be unable to leave a section of the game to play with their friends for ‘story reasons’ for so long really fucked them up

  5. >Finish your game from start to finish. It is complete
    >Zoomies are too used to consuming unfinished games and can’t fathom at the thought of something without downloadable content

    This is extremely sad.

  6. >Pokémon killer
    >devs already want to pull the plug despite it not being out of early access

    Lmao. Has this happened to any other early access game before?

  7. Pokemon feels like a cursed genre, it has become absolute fucking garbage and yet there are no indie games that come even close.

  8. > The devs just confirmed that they won’t release any new content after it releases from early access.

    Unlikely doesn’t mean it will never happen. If they see good support for the game, they can always change their mind and add more.

  9. I’m not even joking btw.

    Their Reddit and discord are throwing a shit fest because the devs confirmed no new islands or tems are being released after the game releases. They even stopped calling it an MMO.


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