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  1. 7 Princesses of Heart
    13 Darkness
    Sora’s reveal and release are 13 days apart
    The update for Sora’s inclusion is the 13th update of the game
    Sora is the 7th new character in the Fighter’s pass counting the xeno chicks as 2 separate characters and the 13th new character in general counting all DLC together
    7 Dive to the hearts in the Hollow Bastion stage

    Now then, what will his classic mode be like?
    What will it be named?
    Who will be his final boss?

  2. Remember when you homosexuals thought Hero was going to be OMG SO BROKEN then he comes out and he’s mid tier? Same shit as usual.

  3. Every Smash Ultimate DLC character has been accused of being ridiculously broken during their presentations OP, showcasing the best of what the character can do will give off this impression.

    on a somewhat related note, most people will go back to their regular mains after 2 weeks of playing Sora, just like every other DLC character, so don’t worry about him flooding the meta

  4. >Character gets revealed.
    >Sakurai presents their moveset.
    >Smash community claims they’ll be the next Bayonetta/OP character.
    Every fucking time. Possibly excluding Steve, most people thought he’d just be a ledgetrap monster.

  5. I better hear Sora’s usuals in battle
    >"Give me strength!"
    >"This is it!"
    >"Back off!"
    >"It’s over!"
    >"Over here!"
    >"You’re through!"
    >"Back at ya!"

    Not all of them but at least a good chunk of them better be in

    • I wonder if HJO reprised his role for this game or if it’s all dubs from previous games. If no new lines used, did HJO even know Sora would be in smash? He loves KH but does he care about smash?

  6. Dude is floaty and light as fuck. No matter what broken moves he has, it’ll always be balanced by the fact that he’s a glass cannon. It’ll just be a Pichu 2.0

  7. Why did he give him a down B counter, it could’ve been literally anything else. I refuse to believe he played all the games and still decided to give him a cancer move

    • Guard + Counter is a major part of every game. It makes sense for Sora to have it more than any other character in the game. Are you sure you’ve played them?

      • Sora is based on his kingdom hearts 1 self, in kingdom hearts 1 reflect didn’t exist. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to make a Sora that had moves from all of his games or even just kingdom hearts 1,2 and 3

      • Honestly they should’ve done kh2 Sora in general
        >better music choices
        >better moveset potential with drives including limit form where it’s just kh1 Sora moves but better
        Even Radiant Garden or the world that never was is better than Hallow Bastion, my guess is Disney probably only told them they could use his first appearance or something

          • More than any past DLC people are going to be buying smash for him, they want him easy to pick up for newcomers.

        • If that were true than I don’t think Sora would have gotten alts based on his other Game appearances. Frankly I think hallow bastion is an appropriate choice for a home stage as it is an important location in KH1 and 2.

    • Counters are annoying at best if you now how to play around their active frames. Giving a character a counter doesn’t automatically make them OP.

      Also atleast Sora’s doesn’t reflect projectiles like Joker’s or Palutena’s

      • Sora’s is actually nuts when you realize it ignores super/hyper armor by putting the opponent into a stagger state before he hits them


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