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  1. More interiors would be awesome and necessary for more interesting gameplay. Like imagine running away from gunfire (online or offline) into a building – let’s say office building – and go up a few stairs as someone is chasing you and you ram into a big room with cubicles and you’re hiding out, shooting back, going from cover to cover.. The possibilities could be endless with setting and differentiation in team or solo play.

  2. I like how all these normie GTA players think these "definitive" editions are gonna look anything close to GTAV.
    You look on the Rockstar twitter and everyone is expecting a massive graphics overhaul when the game is gonna look like shit.

      • >that is way harder than you think
        >way more resource intensive than you think
        No it’s not. You don’t actually know that and pulled it out of your ass. I’m an ancient ass boomer and have worked in game dev and software development in general probably for longer than you’ve been alive.
        >way more useless than you think
        No it’s not, but not because I don’t think it’s useless, I know it is; I just don’t care.

    • >interiors
      fine but at least make them useful. 4 had a bunch of apartments and shit you could walk into but nothing going on inside of them except a few npcs walking about or muffled loud music playing from inside the rooms. if they some cool unmarked hidden stuff in them that would be great. would be be cool to unlock some hidden hideouts, break into someone’s place and find keys to a unique car, find unique guns, unmarked missions, etc.

        • empty ones are fine but i think they have great potential for unmarked hidden neat things to find as well. like instead of just finding body armor laying on a dumpster you could happen up an apartement complex where a cop lives and break into his place and steal his body armor, gun, and maybe he has a key to the motor pool at the police station you can use to take police cars or just sabotage them all with car bombs. then you could call 911 nearby and watch the chaos and for the next X in game days in that area you could commit crimes with higher success since the cars were all destroyed until they respawn again.

          • Too easy. Just put a healthpack here, armor there. Maybe brass knuckles to get you started but that trivializes the game way too much.

  3. I know a place on the edge of the red light district where we can lay low, but my hands are all messed up so you better drive brother.


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