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  1. >I = ana
    >you = ata
    >the = ili
    >is = sen
    >power = olmen
    >Raven Beak = Ashkar Behek
    >Samus Aran = Thamus Arlan
    >Metroid = Mathruid
    >X = Eris

  2. >Bird was about to Nuke sr388 before Raven beak fucked everything
    Runs in the blood I guess.
    Interesting How they set the timeline here, with metroid maker making the Second game and the creation of metroids seem like a short time ago. And he knows about samus so she seems to have gotten popular around the fed times and after zero mission, or quiet robe is a zebesian.

    • It’s honestly the best call to make. No fucking way do you ever want someone trying to resettle a planet that had shit like Metroids, or X, or high level Phazon corruption. All it takes is one that you happened to miss and they’re back in business.

    • Fucking speedwatchers, I swear.
      The Metroid DNA took so long to manifest because of Samus’ Thoha DNA, and when she absorbs RobeX she gets a massive amount of Thoha DNA which suppresses the Metroid again. There’s a number of ideas about why he was able to maintain control, from the controlling nature of the Thoha, to their pacifism, to the X just wanting to stop that last Metroid.

      • Both X and Metroids run on Aeion energy.

        Mawkin are science-warriors who make weapons out of Aeion energy. They created the Metroids.

        Thoha are science-mages who figure out how to manipulate Aeion energy and use it for constructive purposes. They control the Metroids.

        Samus spends the whole game absorbing Mawkin tech and energy, eventually gets all Metroided out after absorbing Raven Beak’s Hyper Beam.

        Quiet Robe-X retains his original identity thanks to his unmatched ability to control Aeion, and allows the X to be absorbed by Samus. This gives her the Aeion control needed to fucking chill out with her fully realized Metroid powers.

        Not that hard to follow.

        • The Metroid made by the Thoha have nothing to do with aeion energy. It was the mutation of the Metroid by the Aeion energy on sr388 that caused them to lose control to begin with. It’s specifically the energy that the Thoha can’t control.

  3. do you think Samus had a fun childhood living with Chozo? Considering all the Chozo are old fucks I cant imagine she had any peers her own age to hang out with.
    probably nothing but warrior training then meditation or something lame like tending to a garden.

  4. If Samus had the same body proportion of her armor, she would be hotter, i mean look at that butt and those hips, compared the zerosuit.


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