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    no, it was the norm. millennials were pretty rebellious kids. i mean that is a fucking given if you grew up in the 90s given the culture but i’m assuming you’re a zoomer yourself so you didn’t know.

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    Yeah, it seemed like it was building up on some kind of lesson, and then the ending just brought everything back to square one.

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    Anon, millenials don’t start at the late 80s. So there are more than enough "millenials" who were already like 15 or 16 when that movie came out, so yeah, they could have seen it in the theater.
    Then you had it on tv only a few years later where people like me have seen it and where zoomers were only just being born.

  4. Damn bros imagine being a white nationalist and having goth nazi chicks wet their panties over you… too bad im a brown garden gnome :^(

    • 99.99% of "nazi chicks" are ugly as fuck anyways. and "goth" chicks now are gigawoke so therer probably 0 overlap between goth chicks and nazi chicks

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    >I’m in community college
    Holy shit, you must be really smart. COMMUNITY COLLEGE! I bet you’re better than the City College, aren’t you?

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    >it’s rated R therefore impossible kids to watch
    thats bullshit and you know it. did you grew up in a most religious home or something?

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    I have always thought this was stupid. I can’t think of much that sounds worse than having your jaw and teeth broken on a curb. Shoot me then fuck me in the ass whilst pistol whipping me then light me on fire, still sounds more enjoyable than this shit.

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    >Millennials didn’t watch it either
    wtf are you talking about. are you saying they’re were too young to watch it or something? like I legit don’t understand how the fuck did you come up with this conclusion

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    >Millennials didn’t watch it either.
    The fuck are you talking about? I’m from ’88 and everyone I know has seen it at least once.

    • I’d wager he did know but cut those panels anyway since shortening webcomics is kind of a running gag in itself on Ganker.

  10. mario what would you do if you walking down the street with peach and a little green goomba scurried over and asked her for money


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