54 thoughts on “Steins;Gate is peak VN. Let’s have a thread about it.”

  1. It’s honestly not worth reading the VN. Getting Okabes inner monologue is great but it’s not worth putting up with the TERRIBLE pacing, someone needs to force VN writers to hire editors. Anime is great though, good direction and significantly better pacing

  2. I don’t get the appeal. Watched the anime back on the day, and it was quite boring. I guess if you slap cute girls and mediocre humour weebs will eat everything up

  3. I HAVE TRIED ALL THE LINKS… is there no place to download this VN and have it actually working ? Just finished Chaos:Head too.
    Am I doomed to just watch Youtube play throughs?

  4. Speaking of first anime, remember Chaos;Head?
    This shit was one of the first anime I watched that wasn’t just random shit from Toonami.
    I have no idea how I didn’t just abandon animation as a medium entirely.

  5. I’d get involved but the titles confuse the fuck out of me and there’s no clear order of progression.
    Do the games come first, does the anime come first?
    I just want to see Ruka because I fucking love traps.

    • there’s two steins;gate titles: steins;gate and steins;gate 0, both have anime adaptations. steins;gate comes first and steins;gate 0 is a midquel due to time travel fuckery, but it only makes sense if you watch/read steins;gate first

    • here’s the translated main series games in order for people too special ed to look it up on wikipedia
      >robotics;notes elite
      >steins;gate 0
      >robotics;notes dash
      if you only care about steins;gate, you can skip all the other ones. there are also a few fandiscs (non-canon side stories) translated.

  6. I got 5 episodes into the anime and fucking hated it, and then the friend who told me to watch it assured me that it got good 11 episodes in. Fuck that. Is the VN better? I like time travel stories but jesus christ the show was one of the most grating things I’ve ever watched.

    • you’ll more or less get the same experience from the VN, it is definitely a bit more endearing than the anime though (mostly owed to okabe’s inner monologue making him a bit more compelling), and there is a significant change of tone around the second half in both forms of the story

  7. so how much time have you guys wasted playing other sciADV games in the vain hope they would be nearly as good as original steins;gate


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