52 thoughts on “Tales of Arise is the only good game of 2021”

  1. Id play more, but i want a next gen console for exclusives!

    Both will be 1 year old and we still can’t buy them at stores!

  2. >Anime game
    It might be RE8, there’s been nothing that generated that much hype next to the character reveal for Smash.

  3. I just finished the 5th lord. That notSephiroth clone was pathetic, his 2 dragon minions or whatever were harder. How long until I finish this boring shitshow, I honestly can’t take it anymore, but considering how far I am, might as well finish it.

    • >Back 4 Blood
      I ask this with genuine confusion: why do people like this so much? I tried it and it feels like a crappier L4D, which nowadays feels like trash compared to CoD zombies. Why play this over a game that’s superior in every single way, is it really just hardcoded CoD hate?


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