The real reason LEGO Universe shut down: it didn’t anticipate the ‘penis cost’ The challenge of keeping a family-friendly MMO penis-free was too much for Warner Brothers.

LEGO Universe was a short-lived MMO that hoped to imitate some of the raw building joy in games like Minecraft and Trove. The game never took off and at the start of 2012, after being live for just over a year, it was shut down.

A LEGO penis.

Something the developers never anticipated was the cost of their penis police:

Megan Fox was senior graphics coder on LEGO Universe and, over the weekend, she tweeted the story behind the game’s penis problem.

Fox recalls there was even a time when someone almost got fired for making a penis building on their own in-game lot after a child tester found it. A company-wide memo was sent round that outlined the new zero tolerance dick policy.

Penises were a major problem not just because the LEGO Universe was aimed at children but also because LEGO as a whole is a trusted family-friendly brand. Anything in its product lineup that degrades that has to be shut down.

(If you want more penis-related stories then you should check out Robert Yang’s Cobra Club, a game that celebrates dick pics.)


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