45 thoughts on “The technology in this game is insane.”

  1. I like it, but the amount of technology plays against himself many times.
    like when you’re in a fight, but you have to run back to your horse to take a weapon for some reason you weren’t already carrying with your character.
    and the fact when you’re robbing a house, you have to option to open every existant cabinet in it, but there’s hardly ever anything in most of them.

  2. >The technology in this game is insane.
    I mean, it is really? The game looks pretty but when playing through the game I never really felt anything that made me think TECHNOLOGY. Everything in the game feels very scripted, there doesnt seem to be a whole lot you can do to effect the world around you in emergent ways. I was not that impressed with the technology of this game.

  3. >game has an absolute fuckton of easter eggs
    >majority of them are creepy as hell

    The world is insane. I remember spending hours just talking shit to NPCs and people in camp. There are even over 200 species of wildlife if I’m not mistaken. Walking through the swamps is scarier than most recent horror games.

  4. I recently replayed the first game which still looks great on base Xbone. Then I played 2 on PC and holy shit how far graphics have come in the last decade. It’s insane. I also installed the recent mod where people recreated all the structures in Mexico.

  5. Let me share my biggest issue with the game although most of you will probably disagree. The game is a technical masterpiece no doubt about it and it some areas an interactive masterpiece as well.

    The devs went out of their way for you to "enjoy" the slow burn of the west in almost every segment of the game except for the most important, combat. In RDR2 devs tried to create the "slowcore" of games but the combat feels like a generic rock song, theres no intimacy in the combat when you carry a 1000 bullets and have to kill 50 guys in an encounter, it contradicts what they set out to do.

    They should have made AI smarter and have every encounter be drawn out not by the sheer number of enemies but the deadliness of the shootout. Make escape an option, make Arthur as fragile as the wanted to portray him.

    TLDR why the fuck hasnt R* reused MP3’s combat, what a bunch of homosexuals.

  6. Is there a way to make the game easy? I was planning on giving my mom my old Xbone+RDR2 as an extra Christmas gift, she doesn’t play vidya but loves Westerns.

  7. 10/10 my favorite singleplayer game of all time. I just wish the missions weren’t so fucking strict and the online was fucking awful.

      • This level was so indicative of the low stakes combat.
        > walk in front of dozens of guards in cover
        > botch gun draw because it has weird mechanics and there’s never any need to learn it
        > gang all easily kills all with no casualties

        Half the game you can just shoot in the air spinning in circles and the mission finishes itself

        • Really? I remember AFKing it on a second playthrough because my cat was being needy. I didn’t pause and ended up failing because Lenny died. That being said, all Rockstar games are casual cake walks.

  8. You can almost see all the devs slaving away in 120 hour weeks for eight years as you play this game. This game is a work of art in every way that counts. Mechanically, visually, soundtrack, voice acting, even the fucking game cover looks amazing. What a great send off to good videogames

  9. Unfortunately the execution is a 1/10 and the stoey is an incredible mistelling of american history and chock full of buttaids modern politics that never existed anywhere ever in history….

    The game is due for a remake


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