56 thoughts on “There are souls fans out there who have never played dragons dogma, let that sink in.”

  1. >you can’t choose what stats go up and is dependent on class
    >in order to minmax Mystic Archer you need to level Sorcerer up to max

    hopefully this is fixed in the sequel

    • >>in order to minmax Mystic Archer you need to level Sorcerer up to max
      This was disproven in a video. IIRC, it was 190 levels as sorcerer vs 190 as ranger (for the stamina) vs 190 as mystic archer, and they were all very close, like a 1-2 skill difference. But, you do you.

  2. It has everything I hate about RPGs plaguing a potential Goty
    >Mute custom made character with no actual dialogue system
    >Small sized towns
    >Gatekeeps basic moves like blocking and party per classes
    >Lots of several enemies every ten steps instead of big random encounters of mobs
    >Its gameplay is based entirely around combat, whenever it tried to do something different it’s always jank and poorly executed, see "chasing thieves" and "following stealthy npcs"
    >Board quests cringe
    >Romance is a forced meme but there’s no actual character interaction between Arisen and chosen beloved, and when you do multiple quests related to beloved it’s all haremshit cringe
    If you base your entire gameplay around the combat system the open world becomes a nuisance, DD would be good if it went with the Elden Ring route and worked as a literal open world Dark Souls

  3. it’s a boring, uninspired shitty attempt at an rpg propped up by a flashy combat system. when people only ever talk about the combat in an rpg and never the characters/story/lore/atmosphere then you know something is severely wrong

      • people care about the lore and history of the souls games and all the intricacies and things, even if it’s mostly contrived. no one cares about the world of dragons dogma, just what 10 second spell animation is the coolest looking

        • There is no dialogue or story of any kind in dark souls. There are zero NPCs in the whole entire game and none of the item descriptions say anything except for what the items do and nothing about how they realte to the "world" around you. In conclusion, Dark Souls is shit and you are a gay guy that gets fucked by men.

  4. Dragons Dogma is nothing like Dark Souls.
    It’s a tragic game though, too bad its content is stretched thin. It’s like a proof of concept for something potentially great that was never meant to be.

    • Makes me wonder what they could do now with more modern hardware. Gransys feels like one region, and that there should be like 4 other maps to explore with more monsters to learn, and the pawns feels like they could use alot of work and more depth.

      • I’m mainly talking about monster variety, well not even that, just having a larger roster of big guys to fight. Fuck, i’d be fine if they sacrificed the open world shit and had a series of well crafted dungeons on par with the shit under gran soren. Like i can’t really articulate just how awesome that shit was going in blind.

        • Everfall and BBI for the first time are experiences I wish I could have in more games. Kindof like the reveal in Bloodborne that there are Ayys, they kept that quiet until the games release and people played it, now its just common knowledge of the game, but it wasnt back then.

          >we all missed out on ddo

          What a shame, capcom.

          SPeculation is that they cancelled DDO the same way they cancelled Monster Hunter Online, so they could release World and treat it as the "MMO" going forward, so they didnt have to support servers for a game that was pretty old and could focus on a new one. πŸ™

          • Let’s hope you’re right. I just hope they continue with the tasteful greco-roman armor styles. That shit is catnip to me.

  5. not every game with swords is Dark Souls, zoomie. there are Dark Souls fans who don’t like Soul Calibur, can you fucking believe it

  6. Thats ok. This is not a Souls like.

    The Convergence mod for DaS3 turns it alot more action orientated which is worth trying if you like DD, things like faster stamina regen, more special attacks for weapons, more combat spells and faster combat in general is neat.

      • Meant FP, or whatever its called. Meaning you can use weapon abilities and spells far more instead of having to go to a bonfire after using them a few times. It adds entirely new spell categories and weapons. Fights are like fucking anime because you can use the weapons special attacks so long as the bar refills. Its worth a try if you want something more action orientated.


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