43 thoughts on “There is discourse surrounding NTR H-games”

  1. Wanting an NTR situation to play out is a shit tier fetish as it is envisioned by and for the morally perverse.
    What happens here is as such, a twist of the moral values. The person who is at fault for cheating is not and should not be the non-cheating side but the cheating side.
    Also, by fapping to NTR you are willing to associate sexual pleasure with emotional masochism, which in turn makes you less likely to enjoy a healthy relationship IRL.
    >inb4: seethe, cope, etc
    Just face it. You’re literally killing your own brain, with those shitty tier fetiches that will only do you harm in the long run.

  2. […]

    You always mass reply with this pasta and never get any (You)s in compensation except for this one. Why do you keep posting it?

  3. NTRash is the porn of the tasteless casual.
    stagnant and unchanging, forever clutching on "great" art. story beyond retarded so that no logic can exist and mc’s with micros as the bull cannot handle any challenge. the women is practically handed to them as they are unable to acquire their own, the welfare rats of porn.

  4. I unironically wouldn’t be mad if I had a son and he fucked my wife. I mean it’s basically a little me getting puss. rock on, son, rock on.

  5. NTR games are just meme games for ironic weebs.
    Change my mind.
    Real NTR is heartbreaking plot twist. It should come out of nowhere. When you download NTR game you know it is NTR game. The cover says it. It’s just comedy


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