This thread will fail because it requires intellectual discussion but, here we go:

This thread will fail because it requires intellectual discussion but, here we go:

>mfw I’m a 40 year old gamer and I have yet to play as single game that had a decent story.

For context purposes I am easily drawn in to a good story on TV and I’m an avid reader of fiction.

If you’re an incel don’t reply. You have no life experience and your favorite literature is the Master Chief saga or Star Wars EU. You don’t know what a good story is.

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  1. >expecting a different medium to tell the same kind of story as another medium
    you seem dumber than the people who think harry potter or star wars extended universe is high literature

  2. To the moon
    What remains of Edith Finch
    Firewatch (kinda a cheesey story but the setting is good)
    That dragon, cancer
    Beyond eyes

    Say what you want about walking Sims but because they don’t have to focus on gameplay the stories are usually where they shine

  3. hey boomer what about
    >witcher 2
    >super mario rpg
    >metal gear solid 3 if you ignore the cringy dialogue and focus on the story
    >pillars of eternity

  4. The Nier games (especially the first one) are the only games I’ve ever played that used the strengths of the medium to tell a story. Everything else is just shitty B-tier Hollywood scripts to throw in between gameplay, or bad dungeon master fantasy wank.

  5. Something tells me that OP likes dragons.
    I can’t take anyone who likes dragons seriously.
    Dragons are cringe and you will burn in hell OP.

  6. Best stories are simple stories done well. Majora’s Mask is simple but gives you everything you’d want in a story alone. Even the game mechanic wether you like it or not ads to the narrative heavily. Idk why im shilling for MM of all things butt that’s really the only video game story i can think of that doesn’t try too hard and hits a lot of notes very well.

  7. I’d recommend some but it sounds like you’re just a smug homosexual that has already come to the conclusion that games can never have a good story

  8. I’m of the opinion that you play video games for interesting mechanics and possibly neat characters or scenarios, but I don’t believe story telling in a good meaningful way is possible in vidya. Reada book or watch a film for that.

      • I appreciate gameplay above all else but to say that games can’t focus on anything else limits what people can do with the medium. There are people who believe cartoons shouldn’t be anything more than slapstick comedy ala old Looney Tunes, which yes those are all great and better comparatively to the crap on TV now, but if cartoons and animation were strictly limited to just that we wouldn’t have things like Akira.

        • This is where tiers come in. Akira is great I love it, but it’s still within the realm of pop art, I don’t think it transcends and engages with all of the greatest art to be forever memorable.

          • Popular art will be memorable longer than art that is only appreciated by pretentious elitists and people desperate to be counted among them.

    • >I am easily drawn in to a good story on TV and I’m an avid reader of fiction.
      Detroit Become Human. Not necessarily a great vidya game but a decently told story, for the vidya medium.
      Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. Just great all around.
      Will be 46 in a month.

      We’re the first gen to grow up with video games and will be the first to play them in nursing homes, deal with it.

  9. vidya isn’t the medium fit for compelling stories
    not that it fundamentally *can’t* but rather writing standarts are so low and nobody really can lift them
    games with well-liked stories are mostly ones that cleverly utilize (you)r direct involvement: s1 of walking dead boosted telltale into prominence because people really felt like they were responsible themselves, and not just another fictional character
    lisa (the painful) is good as a honest straightforward story

    regardless, OP as always is a homosexual, but this time he’s also a passive agressive scrotehomosexual

  10. OP here. I think I figured out my own question. Any story with some epic reveals and plot twists…I mean like __insert your favorite movie here__ type of quality. It’s because that story or script would be worth way more and then be sold as a movie or TV series. Why waste such an epic tale on a vidya game. Fuck that. Let’s sell too the highest bidder so I can snort coke off a trophy wife’s fake tits and live lambo life. We will give those retarded kids another zombie apocalypse isometric game. If I’m right, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same in that situation if we’re being honest here.

    • >Any story with some epic reveals and plot twists
      OP thinks a good story is one with "epic reveals and plot twists", we can all go home now

    • Don’t care. You don’t understand youngling, you will tell me Mass Effect is an epic space odyssey when your frame of reference for what is good lore is based on your experience with Pikachus back story or Goosebumps stories to judge what is a scary game. Any oldhomosexual reading this will immediately understand

  11. OP here. For more context. I have played about every decent game made since Amiga to now. Im playing Arkham City GOTY on my PC now. I’m loving this game but I could give two fucks about the story. Yeah, yeah, get the bad guys save the city. I’m not depressed or trying to bait or shit post.

    • >Im playing Arkham City GOTY on my PC now. I’m loving this game but I could give two fucks about the story
      this tells me you have shit taste because city is the worst arkham game

    • Odin’s Sphere, Disco Elysium, Outer Wilds, SMT Devil Survivor on the top of my head have all better stories than 90% of TV series. There are a shitload more and you are a disingenuous trolling homosexual.


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