68 thoughts on “>we have to rent DLC now”

  1. >even nintendo is turning completely to the dark side
    I knew this would happen the moment Pokemon Go made a bazillion dollars. Even the old school designers who would be opposed to this can’t say no to the literal piles of money. Miyamoto is so senile now it’s almost hilarious what Nintendo is getting away with. It’s going to be a fucking free-for-all once he dies

  2. >Can buy it
    >Comes with the online expansion pass

    Xbox games pass is the same shit, except Microsoft actually gives you something for it.

  3. >Don’t give a shit about Animal Crossing
    >Forced to pay more for the 2nd tier because of its inclusion
    I’ve never fucked with N64 emulation because I own damn near every decent game for it on the real hardware, does Sin and Punishment run well on emulators?

  4. We all know that only adults can make purchases like this. Thus it makes sense to restrict Switch owners (children) from doing as such. They should consider themselves lucky they get the privilege of renting it in the first place.

  5. hehehehhehehehe
    >Buy online membership
    >Download AC DLC
    >Wait for online membership to expire
    >Don’t renew


    >Don’t connect to the internet
    >Play Animal Crossing without the internet so it never knows that you don’t have an online membership!!!!

    • >so it never knows that you don’t have an online membership!!!!
      It still checks your account to see if it’s subscribed whether or not you’re online when you start up the game, so that doesn’t actually work

      • >Play game without internet
        >You can’t play half the game for some reason because it cant verify your account.

        Soudns kinda retarded

        • If it’s anything like the 3DS one, HHP isn’t half the game, you’re arranging furniture in random villager’s houses, that’s it.

          • This. $25 for that is fucking nuts. It’s obvious they priced it that high to try and push people into the service instead.

    • Holy shit, it had to be Paradox. I don’t know how they haven’t invented monetization in game mechanics yet. Like you will lose an important fort in Europa Universalis but you can pay US$0.10 to give your troops a morale boost or something.

  6. I know Gankerirgins are borderline retarded mouth breathers but you can buy the AC DLC separately. You don’t have to get the NSO expansion to get the DLC, It’s just an added bonus to the NSO expansion pass.
    Also you don’t need to buy the DLC, nobody is forcing you to get. Just like how everyone skipped out on Happy Home Designer back when it came out for $40 on the 3DS

  7. maybe the past 15 years of rabidly shilling nintendo and screaming "SNOY" at anyone who disagrees wasn’t the greatest idea.

    • Except that’s wrong, if you buy the paid DLC you won’t get locked out.
      The NSO+ is a trial edition. Know the difference.


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