65 thoughts on “>We post characters who did nothing wrong”

        They made their choice. You can do shit yourself and be mad or you can shut your whore mouth and let someone else do everything.

  1. He was a criminal working with other criminals who were not above other questionable acts like murder or theft, crack-cocaine was a lucrative trade and he saw the opportunity in working with not only the police but a nationwide trafficking organization versus living as a broke gang banger fighting over gang colors and peddling weed, and he did try his best to convince Sweet to get on board until the psycho CJ showed up and complicated matters by doubling down on the petty gang activity in order to satisfy his own ego.

    • Grove Street didn’t deal crack because they didn’t want to ruin their own neighborhood with it. Smoke didn’t give a shit about the homies and only cared about money.

    • >bullied girl respected
      >bullied boy becomes a prince
      >friend’s dead mother comes back to life
      >friend’s loser drunk father cleans up his act and has biggest job in the realm
      >crippled brother can walk again
      >cool monsters
      >amazing fantasy world
      >determined to burn it all for everyone to "wake up"

      Marche is the villain.

  2. >prepared an entire county for nuclear war
    >countless bunkers and fighters devoted to him and rebuilding
    >killed those who wanted nothing to do with it so they won’t have a chance to destroy or raid what they’ve built after the world ends
    >gives the protagonist countless chances to join and when you refuse, wipe out absolutely everything he built as well as killing his siblings he still forgives you and gives you a chance to leave with your friends
    >was right about absolutely everything and when shit hits the fan and after everything you’ve done to him he still saves your life
    >even the protagonist realizes this and in the next game they’re shown as someone destroyed by guilt and joined seed in the end
    >lets you execute him at the end
    sneed did absolutely nothing wrong

  3. Reminder the moment when he goes mad at Clem in season 2, after his girlfriend death?
    turns out that if you let him speak and say nothing, he won’t actually go mad, I only learned this recently

    • >Kenny end up staying with Clem until the end if you stay with him, treating Clem just like a daughter
      >Jane kill herself 3 month after the events of season 2 because she fucked a dude, teaching shit stuff to Clem
      The irony

    • This moment is hilarious but the fact that Kenny immediately apologizes for saying it because he could tell he had hurt Lee makes me wonder how anybody can legitimately hate this character
      He’s not perfect but if you do right by him, he’ll be your most reliable friend until he dies

      • He’s a walking time bomb, once something hits him he takes it out with the rest of the group and the only thing keeping him back was Clementine

        • Ignoring the fact that all he did was snap at the rest of the group after his gf died, the S2 group is among the most incompetent people in TWD lore

      • Kenny is a fucking idiot, along with every other character except Lee.

        No, you need to lick his ass and balls in every choice or else he will fuck you over. The dude is a massive pussy.

    • he is 100% more loyal than anyone else in the group if you help his family. Most people just had a problem that Kenny wanted to kill Larry, even though his logic was correct


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