22 thoughts on “What games have filtered you, Ganker?”

  1. Can’t remember the last time Ibgot filtered by difficulty since I usually will bash my head against a wall continuously if I think I just need to get good.
    I’m more likely to get filtered by games that are boringly simple and don’t have engaging mechanics, which is a shame because I’m sure some of them were genuinely good games and I just didn’t have the time or patience…

  2. Metroid Dread currently
    it seems every power up I get makes me stuck for another hour
    Just got the Super Dash shit and it’s fun, I’m not giving up, but being constantly lost is spiritually taxing

    • my advice for dread is that it is much simpler than it seems
      if you’re stuck the answer is the obvious solution
      you never have to back track very far

      • that’s the problem I’m facing
        I see WHERE I can use my power on the map, just not where close to me.
        Like, yeah, there’s a door I can run through fucking on the other side of the map, but that’s obviously not where I’m supposed to go to advance.
        So I’m scouring the map looking at every nook and cranny near me
        Last time I got filtered was by a crack in the wall I needed to roll up into a ball and get inside, and the ground would fall from under me. Part of me thought "wow that’s retarded, how was I supposed to know?" but there was a gap directly under it, so in hind sight it was kinda obvious. I’m a fucking brainlet is what I’m getting at

  3. Kingdom Come filtered me hard. Not even having infinite money and the best gear compensates for the lack of skill, feels bad man

  4. Dorf Fort, I don’t want to play the casualized version, but I’m not autistic enough to be able to remember what all the symbols are.

  5. >Unlimited Saga PS2
    >Natural Doctrine PS3
    >Malicious PS3 (really, how the fuck you play this game??)
    >almost every single RTS

  6. Persona 3 and 1. Autistic grinding is not fun when the battle song is the fucking same everytime but you must keep sound on if you wanna hear the overworld music


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