77 thoughts on “What happened to VR? It was supposed to be the future of gaming and now I never hear anything about …”

  1. I don’t like first person games so VR is useless to me.

    Anyone else feeling this way? Looks like you can only play shitty shooters or stuff like Skyrim. I have NO interest in that. I think there’s way more artistic value in third person games. Same reason there are no movies in first person, and the few there are suck.

    I don’t want videogames to emulate real life. VR is a gimmick to do a fun rollercoaster stuff and then go back to normal games.

    For most genres, what’s the point? People play mobas, sidescrollers… and people here are saying "lol devs shouldn’t adapt the game" then what are you doing? Just sticking a screen very close to your eyes? What’s the difference between that and a normal screen?

    >omnidirectional treadmills
    Imagine the average wagecuck working 8 hours a day just to come back come and have to walk 40 minutes to reach a destination in the next iteration of whatever open world game. Do you really want that? Most americans are fat as fuck and if they have to run to play a shooter they will die

    The market is, and will be, for the longest time, incredibly niche. I really can’t see it growing that much unless they do some sort of brain-computer dream simulator. We’re very, very early

    • There’s thirds person games in VR as well.

      Some puzzle games are good, and so are the creative games. I imagine construction sims and the like could be fun in VR too.

      • But what is the point? Why using a VR headset if you can use a screen?
        Same for construction sims. I don’t see why you think this is a good idea, what do you gain from doing the same you do with a screen but paying more?

        • easier angles and rotations, there’s different levels of precision in mouse vs hand as well.

          a simple example is a puzzle game, in VR you actually have to put things in a certain way and manually deal with rotation adding a level of complexity, while in a normal game you’re limited to what the rotate key lets you do then it snaps into place.

  2. >VR can’t simulate this one thing, so we must disregard all of it and regress back to 80s keyboard and mouse.
    Why are people this dumb?

    • if hitman 3 had native VR for PC even with its keyboard and mouse setup i think there would finally be enough games for me to actually buy in
      there are certainly enough games that can mod in VR support but i’d rather not jump through all the hoops from the get go

  3. >Wanted to play Alyx
    >A new gpu + headset would cost around 1k
    >Literally no other games, VR or not, to justify the cost of ditching my 1050

    • On the bright side, the game will always be there for when tech companies give another pass at VR. And, headsets that can handle games like Boneworks and Alyx will be cheap as chips then.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before Facebook owns the entire market and you have to make a FB account in order to play any new VR games at all. They’ve already started buying up exclusives, and they have enough money that they can just pay for any exclusive they want. And if you make a barebones FB account just to buy games and never post anything, their bots can decide your account is "fake" and delete it without any means of appeal, bricking your device and locking you out of all the games and DLC you purchased.

    • Way better than letting bots run rampant on your social media platform, also, time exclusive paid profile picture frames lol.

    • >And if you make a barebones FB account just to buy games and never post anything, their bots can decide your account is "fake" and delete it
      kek this is complete bullshit. You can make an account specifically for VR and keep it empty. Nobody ever got banned for "inactivity" on social media

  5. Basically, the same thing that happens with all new tech that’s actually really hard to develop for.

    We got a couple of titles (e.g. Beat Saber, HL: Alyx, Boneworks) that were genuinely quality. And everyone else decided to push out some garbage nobody would have given half a rusted shit over had they not been looking for other excuses to justify their extremely expensive impulse buy.

    It genuinely had a good chance to work out. But, only a few companies cared enough to actually work on stuff that takes advantage of the tech. And everyone else pushed out a tech demo that people wouldn’t care about if it was free but charge $40 for the experience.

  6. That giantbomb video set VR back a whole decade.

    People ask me if VR needs to be installed by a professional technician for fucks sake.

    Any positive word of mouth about virtual reality is still drowned out by misinformation.

  7. The mainstream hype for VR’s died down, it’s got a pretty strong niche community, which is probably where it belongs for now. I had a PSVR and really enjoyed it, it has a ton of great games. I have a Quest 2 now but the thing really isn’t comfortable so I don’t play it nearly as much

  8. Barrier of entry in the form of finding a good enough graphics card and finding a decent HMD.
    Both of which cost hundreds of dollars under normal circumstances.

  9. >VR Headsets on the streets amongst the homeless
    >More guns then Russians have vodka
    >Soul crushing social engineering algorithms
    >Technology and the knowledge to use it is cheap or free
    >neo feudalist corporatism everywhere
    >organized criminal behavior as a lifestyle

    God, I love the 21st century. Cyberpunk as fuck.

    • >More guns then Russians have vodka
      Bullshit. Gun laws are getting stricter and stricter. The best time for gunz was the 90’s, when kalashnikovs fucking grew on trees.

  10. The technology is advancing at a scary pace. There’s already an omnidirectional treadmill at a consumer pricepoint, and whatever Valve has in their sleeves as the successor of the Index is most likely going to push the envelope again.

    There’s nothing wrong with the technology, investors and publishers are just not convinced that making big budget VR games is profitable yet. Someone needs to be the first success to open the flood-gates, and that is what the whole VR community is waiting for.

    • The price and installation point is still a hurdle.

      You already require a giant 6 by 6 empty space in your house for VR. That’s prohibitive of a lot of apartments already. Now you want treadmills on top of that. Not even considering the already 1k price tag for the index.

      It’s alot for something most people won’t use daily.

      Something like the quest has more consumer appeal because it’s so simplified. But the hardware isn’t there which is why it’s only the price of a new console.

  11. the elites dont want VR to be popular because its 90s internet all over again. Why would the masses want to stick aroudn in the rat race when their wildest dreams can be accomplished in vr? They will come up with a way to make poor people stay poor in VR before making it more accessible.

  12. this is the literal future of humanity lol. Just like that one pic of a dude in an empty room and a burning world in the background and he’s also in vr to escape his world

  13. >devs don’t want to make VR games because the install base is tiny so revenues are minimal
    >people don’t want to buy VR because there’s no games

    VR is fucked unless Valve or Facebook bite the bullet and subsidize VR game development until there’s a large enough install base

    • It’s annoying because there’s this notion that adapting a game to VR means you must go the full motion controls route. Just headset support and joypad would be enough for most.

    • VR is chock full of user problems. It’s the most elitist of all platforms. Not only is the device and the PC needed to run it is expensive but moving around in VR is nauseating to a large percentage of the populace. It’s hell to develop on.

      Its only hope is with augmented reality.

    • >VR is fucked unless Valve or Facebook bite the bullet and subsidize VR game development until there’s a large enough install base
      Facebook has been doing that for years. PCVR ended up being unsustainable regardless.. Now they’re switching focus to Quest platform, since it’s doing ridiculously well. Devs are actually making money


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