19 thoughts on “What is the most recent game that brought pure unadultered fun to you?”

  1. A-Train All Aboard Tourism. The beginning was pure pain because of the total lack of any tutorial in English. I lost sleep trying to figure out how things worked based on trial and error in a game that has a very complex simulation.
    After overcoming the arduous task of learning the basics of the game, which took several dozen hours, the result was the most fun sim I have ever played. It is unbelievable how a game where you have to worry about taxes, paying dividends, depreciation of your assets, building complex schedules for trains, etc, can be so much fun. It’s one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played, too. I would say that on an addiction level it is on par with Factorio. And on a simulation level, it’s much more interesting than Sim City or Cities Skylines.

  2. i wish i would still be able to have fun with games like we love katamari and loco roco
    to anwer your question
    modded killinf floor 1 server, sniper rifles

  3. how do you define fun? for me ‘fun’ is something I experienced as a kid, like when I went mental on a bouncy castle or a trampoline with friends
    nowadays I don’t have fun, I kind of just enjoy things

    • Your childish super version of fun is elation then. fun is not such a rare concept.


      DOS2, hands down the best rpg I ever played or saw anyone play.


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