21 thoughts on “what shooters have the worst case of guns firing like they were like pic related for no reason?”

  1. My firsttime playing Arma3 and discovering that even sniper rifle bullets aren’t magical lasers that go straight for kilometers

  2. Pretty much every online shooter that has LMG’s. A bigger, heavier gun shooting the same round (like an M249 vs an M4) should have less recoil, not more.

    • As much as I loved the Stalker games back when I played them, the bullet dispersion and drop was ridiculous. It’s like I was firing lethal BBs than actual bullets, and saying "they’re old beat-to-shit guns scavenged in a nuclear wasteland" isn’t enough of a justification.

      • >play insurgency
        >shoot dude with a shotgun
        >he had body armor
        >he just blasts you with his assault rifle
        Shotguns are a meme.

          • And so can they one-shot you, except they have semi-auto guns with 30 round mags and can just clickety-click you away while you are racking the slide.

          • It’s insurgency tho. Everything can one shot. If they didn’t die to buckshot within 40m then more than likely I just made a bad shot and should be punished

          • >Everything can one shot.
            Yeah but not everything can have fully automatic fire and a 30 rounds mag. Hence shotguns are not "OP".

          • they are op compared to other shotguns tho. most shooters meme shotguns so hard that it’s criminal turning the pellets into confetti past 10ft

          • Well, shooters like CoD will often require assault rifles to hit you 3 times regardless of range, while shotguns one-shot up close and don’t lose accuracy when moving.

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