18 thoughts on “What went wrong?”

  1. Extreme paranoia. Belief that they were some gigantic event that was truly attracting millions of viewers when I’d wager more than 30% of the people viewing at peak had it on as background noise, or simply had it forced upon them because twitch fucking autoplays front page streams lmao. Since twitch has stopped putting it on the front page constantly, viewerbase usually spikes with first and last days (When it IS on the front page) and drops to like 50k otherwise. I think it’s been lower since it’s become online only but I mean, to be expected.

    The paranoia though, they’re so worried that a runner will say or do something bad that they take extreme measures. Bonesaw isn’t "shadowbanned" by their own admission, but they crop him out of couch photos for PR? They reject every run he submits even when he was a fan favorite?
    How about the ban on werster for asking people for their hotel keycards before he left? They’re demagnetized, and the hotel themselves said "it’s not a big deal" but gdq swore they were going to face legal action because of ‘his actions’. Banning trihex because of… Well, I still don’t know honestly, I think he said bro once or twice? Banning dozens of other people for years old tweets, vods, clips, etc etc. They embody the very very worst about the modern social media climate. What was once supposed to be people getting together, breaking games apart and going fast for a good cause has become sterile because it’s become corporatized and profitable.

    That’s just my belief though. But numbers on SRL and SDA don’t lie. People are terrified to bother getting into speedrunning for fear of being shut down by an angry mob for something they did/said 10 years ago ‘coming to light’.
    There’s a reason the big names all stopped speedrunning anyway. simpleflips, siglemic, cosmo (well he’s a whole other bag of worms), mirrored, trihex, shadowjacky, witwix, I could go on.

  2. The event was taken over by people with an extreme political agenda who fed money to operations like medicale sans frontiers who helped pour illegal immigrants into europe, creating europes migrant crises. The original event operator was greedy in the first place so that didn’t help.

  3. Trannies and other attention whores. Speedrunning actually used to be a neat little moderately autistic hobby before they showed up


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