18 thoughts on “What would convince you to purchase an Xbox?”

  1. Not supporting censorship.
    I throw my money at any company who is combatting this cancer, so yes, I was ready to buy an Xbox and support it just because they were going to allow this game.
    Of course they bent the knee and banned it, so no Xbox for me.

  2. A game that I really wanted to play being exclusive. Thats the only reason I have a PS5.

    Honestly consoles shouldnt exist at all. games should all just be on PC.

  3. Since I only play on PS5 any games I can’t already play that interest me. I’m not into Halo, Forza, Gears or Flight sims so still waiting. Crackdown and Sea of Thieves didn’t move my needle and while Ori is a beautifully crafted game I don’t play platformers these days. The One X is still my favorite machine of the recent bunch just a shame anything I likely would play can also be found on PlayStation.

    I’ll happily pick one up once they give me a reason I can’t ignore.


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