Which boss was harder for you, Fume Knight or Nameless King? Few dark soums bosses are more memed ab…

Which boss was harder for you, Fume Knight or Nameless King? Few dark soums bosses are more memed about their difficulty than those twi so I’m curious which one Ganker considers to be harder

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  1. I don’t have much of an issue with either. The champ kicks my ass every time I replay the game though, unless I’m just parrying him over and over again, but that feels kind of cheesy.

  2. Fume by far. I never summoned and the following were the memorably hard bosses for me:
    >Ruin Sentinels
    >Gank Squad
    >Father Gasc
    >Lady Butterfly (early fight)
    >Sword Saint Isshin

    Honorable mentions:
    >Blue Smelter
    >Vicar Amelia
    >Bloodstraved Beast
    >Guardian Ape
    >Demon of Hatred

    I think overall Orphan was the most difficult.

    • >Twin Princes

      How anyone struggles against this boss is beyond my comprehension. Lorian gives you plenty of time to dodge and Lothric’s attacks are a nonissue.

  3. nameless isn’t hard, the only thing that makes it look hard is the shitty camera on the first phase. Im a totally mediocre at these games and it took me 12 tries for nameless king. I only got past phase 1 starting on my 9th attempt. so the king himself took 4 tries.
    had to kill him again for a ring in ng+3 for the last achievement and I just one shotted him using 2 estus. once you learn his moves he’s trivial. It’s the fucking camera spazzing out trying to follow the dragon in the air that fucked me over. I ahd to rely on audio queues and memorize his timings timing to dodge his shit.

  4. NK probably. I remember having trouble with fume knight initially but went back and rolled him with barely any effort on later playthroughs.

    NK can still waste me if I’m not paying attention.

  5. >Everyone having trouble with Friede
    I had way more trouble with NK, Gael and Midir. Is everyone just playing ds3 with a heavy bonk stick or what.

  6. Fume Knight’s difficulty is overstated. I’m not sure if he filters shieldhomosexuals or something but his attacks aren’t bad to dodge at all. A lot just straight up miss you if you hug his left side and it’s free damage.

  7. Nameless king is a fucking joke. It’s a good boss but I will never understand the hype around its difficulty. I played him with different builds and he never took me more than two attempts. He isn’t even close to as hard as Friede or Midir.
    Fume knight on the other hand is literally the hardest boss in Dark Souls trilogy. No matter how many times you beat him, he’s consistently hard every time you fight him. Other bosses get way easier once you figure them out, Fume knight will still fuck you over.

    • >Fume knight will still fuck you over.
      Really? I’ve died like twice to it and both times it was to the aoe dark attack in its second phase.

    • Sure but Friede is hard in the same way DoH in Sekiro is hard, by having mechanics unfit for the game you’re playing, Friede is a Bloodborne boss in a dark souls game. Unlike Friede Nameless and Fume Knight are both great bosses

  8. Dunno why everyone thinks Fume Knight is hard, took me a few tries but that was it then.
    That blue Smelterscrote on the other hand, fuck that homosexual took me hours to kill and oh my god that fucking passage you had to go through every time, I hate it so god damn much despite figuring out quickly to skip most of it.

  9. Fume Knight at low adp was really hard. You had to make every action just perfect. Be spec’d correctly and have the right equipment to really have a chance. Really fun.

  10. Literally any Bloodborne boss > Blackflame Friede >>> POWER GAP >>> Four Kings NG+2 onwards (especially NG+4 onwards) > Fume Knight > Ancient Dragon > Deacons of the Deep (SL1 only) > Ornstein & Smough (phase 1 only) > Gael (phase 1 only) > Soul of Cinder NG+ onwards > Nameless King > Gwyn (no parries) > Pontiff Sulyvahn (phase 1 only) > Demon Prince (phase 1 and fireball form. Laser form is a joke) > Capra Demon

    Sekiro? Mash L1 retard.

    • >not Avaa x2
      i skipped the double catscrotes every playthrough for literal years before finally just biting the bullet for my most recent playthrough

        • I was the same anon. If you get the chance, I recommend going back and finishing what you started. It’s the only fight I actually felt like I had to prepare for with consumables like brightbugs and the like, and beating them was extremely satisfying not to mention finally getting that weight of lying that I’ve beaten every boss in the series off my shoulders

          • I might give it a try here soon, it does bug me that I haven’t beaten them yet. Thanks for the encouragement anon

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