22 thoughts on “Who was in the right here?”

  1. >this thing sucks
    bad criticism
    >this thing sucks because of A, B, and C, and could be improved with X or Y
    good criticism

    either way yandev is a scrotehomosexual and is automatically wrong by default

    • […]

      You’re on the right track, but not all the way there. The next step is realizing that even if people have reason to believe something sucks, their reasons can be misguided as well. And even if their reasons are on the mark, the criticism might still not apply. And even if a criticism applies, it may not be within a person’s capabilities. And even if it’s within someone’s capabilities, it may not be within their resources. And even if it’s within their resources, it may not be within their time.

      And even if they follow through and accomplish what the critic wanted, it may ultimately not satisfy the audience.

      People think that just because they offered help that means the artist should take it. And when the artist refuses, they take offense. "How DARE he refuse my generosity". Their ego gets hurt, and then they lash out at the artist. So you as a critic really have to ask yourself: "Am I giving this criticism as a selfless act? Or am I doing it to just to feel like I’m right about something"

  2. I know little about the details surrounding the long lolcow saga that is YandereDev, but I can pretty easily imagine most of the so-called criticism he gets is not the kind that is actually helpful. But I am also confident that he’s not the type to take real criticism and turn it into something good anyways.

    • Who knows about this instance but he’s received plenty of normal criticism over the years and he’s refused all of it. Even threw away help that he himself had hired because he said he wanted to change the code to be more efficient or something along those lines.

      • Sounds more like a terrible team manager. It’s Eva, he’s a dweeb, probably unable to transmit opinions and thoughts correctly so he wants to work on the project by himself.


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