19 thoughts on “Why has there been no Persona 3 remaster?”

    • It wasn’t a remaster, it was basically DLC before DLC was a thing. The original P3FES was an append disk that worked alongside the original P3 disk. There was also a full disk that had both games’ content for people who already had the original. It didn’t really enhance much of the content, nor did it update the graphics or anything, it just added a few extras.

  1. I cant wait for the tartarus contrarians to show up and spam filtered when zoomers will shit on it.
    >muh resource management. P5 dungeons are shit anyways.

  2. >zoomers need every game to be remastered otherwise their brains will not be able to consume
    >zoomers thinking every old game needs to be remastered
    The game is fully playable, the art still holds up and there is no fundamental issue with the releases that exist right now.
    Use an emulator, download the game and fuck off.
    If you are incapable of doing that, then you have other things to worry about then not being able to play an old persona game.

  3. >have to make the cutscenes look okay on non-shit resolutions
    >FeMC doesn’t even have cutscenes
    >FeMC’s model is low quality trash due to being from the PSP
    >FeMC only has animations for a single weapon type
    >Even if you didn’t bring FeMC (which would probably cause rabid Americans to boycott the game), P3FES has enough little issues that you can’t just slap the game onto PC with a few minor additions and get away with it like you could with P4G

    In general, making a remaster of P3 would actually take work, whereas bringing P4G to PC probably just took a single weekend or something.


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