50 thoughts on “Why haven’t you played cruelty squad yet? its unironically one of the best Immersive sims of th…”

  1. Convince me I want to play it without any in-jokes, memes, subterfuge or insults. Explain to me in detail (i.e. don’t just say ‘it’s good!’) what redeeming qualities it have that justify the horrid interface and graphics and sounds intended to make you want to throw up.

  2. >go on the official discord
    >completely abandoned by the creator
    >trans rights thread
    >janny asking people not to use slurs like "the r word"
    why are discord users like this

  3. I did. I liked the gunplay and the weird world but everytime I shot someone the game would lag for 1 or 2 seconds. Annoying enough to stop playing at the second level.

  4. I’ve 100% completed it with all S-ranks (minus HQ which doesn’t have ranks implemented). Oh wait I guess I’m not 100% anymore because I never went and got that new gliding augment he patched in.

        • Just look up Archimag on the Nexus. Here’s his YT
          >added dual wielding, combos, dashes, kicks that knock enemies/npcs down, attack speed modifiers based on your stats, etc
          I’m using the attack speed and combo mods for my hand-to-hand playthrough and it’s great fun.

    • No I’m serious, what makes this an Immersive Sim? Other than the multiple entrances which some are locked behind some augmentations (and through clever movement can be bypassed) what makes it an Immersive Sim? You can:
      Grapple and shoot
      Lean and shoot
      Snipe from afar
      And I think that’s kinda it. Maybe my definition of Immersive sim is wrong, so I’m really curious to see WHY it’s an Immersive sim.

  5. I like it a lot but the later levels are kinda ass to be honest.
    Can’t say I enjoy playing Trauma loop, Archon grid and dark world.

    Most of the early levels are pretty damn fun to speedrun though I have to admit. Once you get gud and sprint down the hallways kicking doors into splinters and blasting everything to shit it’s quite the experience. Don’t even need the hidden pathways. Just blast through the front doors and start shooting.

  6. Rate my Bog Business loadout
    >Riot Pacifier
    >Minato M9
    >Life Sensor
    >Icaros Machine
    I just Spiderman around the level using trees


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