21 thoughts on “Why is this now regarded as the worst Doom game?”

  1. It’s because Doom Eternal is a puzzle game with a shooter skin.

    There are correct ways to take out enemies and you need to make sure you ration your ammo so you have enough to take care of those enemies if and when they appear.

    I loved how in 2016 every weapon felt viable against every enemy – not the case in eternal. Think I beat the 1st level, hated it and quit since I was scavenging for ammo in a doom game.

    • >I loved how in 2016 every weapon felt viable against every enemy – not the case in eternal.
      i got bored fast in 2016 once i realized i could jut cheese the game with one weapon on all enemies.
      The new falter system in Eternal alongside the limited ammo and weapon switch tactics made combat much more enjoyable for me.

  2. the fuck are you all on about
    eternal is just 2016 with better level and enemy variety
    theyre the same shit
    i dont like nu-doom that much but out of the 2 eternal is the better game

    • They’re not the same shit, more platforming, more cutscenes, remember how 2016 was a breath of fresh air because it rarely wrestled control from the player and kept you in the perspective of doomguy at all times to increase immersion? Well fuck you, third person talky cutscenes galore! I thought the game was fine but they are really not the same, you’re looking at them from a very superficial level.

  3. eternal was a huge disappointment. dreadful in so many ways except for the beautiful environments and sound. 2016 was actually fun in comparison

  4. It’s soicore/redditcore.
    They gave up trying to appeal to European gamers and instead made it America: the game.
    They alienated their core fans.

  5. Because they ruined everything 2016 did well just because one or two runes and the SSG were OP. Fucking retards. It’s also reddit and youtube comments and marvel.


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