21 thoughts on “Wtf? Is this real?”

  1. a handled that pulverizes the shitch for only $100 more? Yes, it’s not that hard to beat outdated shitty mobile hardware from 10 years ago.
    Nintendies will seethe

        • valve has said that it wants OEMs to start producing deck like devices, which would be a an ass backwards decision because it would create comptetition for themselves, if they wanted a stake in the handheld HARDWARE market, that is
          truth is, it was never about the handheld itself, but the operative system that comes with it
          the deck is simply part of a decade long plan for valve to abandon windows entirely which was caused by microsoft’s threats of forbidding third party stores in their OS when they were trying to buy valve all the way back in 2011

          • I meant you could just install Linux right now and use steam. That’s nothing new. There is still a ton more people using windows and ton more non gamer using windows anyway.
            Some niche gaming Linux distro won’t change anything

          • microsoft doesn’t care if the average user buys windows or not, they simply want it to be the standard so every OEM and company in the planet gets forced to buy ridiculously overpriced licenses
            >everyone uses mictosoft word for documents, so everyone gets used to it
            >now your employer is forced into three choices
            >go for a free alternative and kill productivity because everyone has to learn how to use it
            >go for pirate licenses and risk getting sued if word gets out (yes, serious corporations have to worry about this, unlike singular individuals)
            >buy an office license

            Youy pay with your data, retard

          • >muh windows vs. linux
            this is a meme perpetuated entirely by contrarian fedoras who have no legitimate use for either.

            I do web development and use both extensively. But the only thing linux is good for is running the server, itself.

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