49 thoughts on “YEA YEA”

    • >That moment in the leaked script when yumie ENTERS and basically forces herself as Haze’s girlfriend so they can kill pedos together
      I was laughing my ass off, I’ll forever be sad that scene won’t be voice acted.

  1. Spooky, I was just thinking of AA just the other day and wondered if Jake abandoned it again. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had on Ganker.

    • >get introduced to the song by AA Ganker streams
      >think it’s funny because of the YE YE shitposts
      >show my friends the game and we start ironically listening to YE YE
      >we start to genuinely like it listen to NIEVE unironically whenever we hang out
      Also here’s a fucking godly remix of YE YE

  2. What the fuck i forgot this existed but now I remember spending like 2 weeks straight monitoring the threads and streams for it, damn. Life is great yo.
    There was some anon that drew some saucy images of the game which I thought were very good and I think I still have it saved on some drive from years ago, if it wasn’t 5am I’d look for it right now.
    also has the link to his steam profile, maybe that’s odd but I dunno, life is pretty cool bros

    • There’s been AA streams? Man, I loved streaming that game for Ganker. Only did it once but it was fun as fuck, wish we could do it again


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