53 thoughts on “you can’t halfway press a digital input”

  1. Its just convenient terminology for when you use 1 press for multiple sections. If you come into something holding a button you didn’t exactly "press" it for that section but you still need a way to show that numerically, so half is what they use to denote this.

  2. when do they teach decimals in america? lmao

    there is literally infinite numbers between 0 and 1.
    0.1 0.2 etc.

    and guess what?

    0.5 is in the middle between 0 and 1, there, solved it for ya

    • anon computers work on binary logic
      in this case there isn’t an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1 there is only 0 (off) and 1 (on)
      You can have a sequence of ons and offs but there is no "half on" or half off"

  3. Factually correct
    However the term used is not "digital input" it is "press" which is a more ambiguous term
    Therefore if a press is considered as the initial downward force on the button followed by the release of said button it is in fact possible to do a "half press"

  4. of course not
    but if a task only requires half of the important parts of a "full press" of an A button, you could say it takes "half of a press"
    and in isolation this would clearly require and count as a full press of the A button, but if you can perform two such tasks sequentially (and they both use different "halves" of the full A press) you would only require one A press to obtain both of them. 2 tasks, one A press, you could very reasonably say as that each of those tasks requires "half an A press"

  5. Pannen very clearly explained why half a presses are annotated as such and if you still don’t get it you’re just a moron.

        • Honestly, IF it could be done with 0 or 1 presses, it would be noteable, but since it can’t, and the record is some arbitrary number (14?) then I don’t see any hype in it.

      • You will. You are wired into the machine via your muscles via kinetic energy transfer. Your brain sends energy from your muscles to the buttons into the machine.

        I continue to play games because I have nothing and nobody, and at the actual in game rate of speed at this rate I’ll be immortal because of how CPU cycles work, and by the time I figured it out they had already lured me in when I was a child and I had thousands of hours invested in games.

        Fast computers are fast because they have more time to be slow.

    • It’s semantics, but you can literally only press the button once, not half. The press and release are two separate actions.

      • he fucking explained so clearly i legitimately dont understand how people are still getting caught up in the idea that it somehow involves literal button presses.
        >in this scenario you press the button once
        >in that scenario you dont
        >both scenarios are important, so we came up with a special notation for this type of button press
        are you just being retarded on purpose or what. seriously what is your fucking deal

          • youre doing this on purpose. youre being retarded on purpose. why are you being retarded on purpose what do you fucking have to gain from this. its not fucking funny

          • He saved an A press by not completing the action immediately, but that was still an A press in the end. The button can’t be half-pressed. A ‘half a press’ should just be rounded up to a whole A press because that button has to be let go of eventually and it was already in a pressed state. The fact that he’s preserved the ‘held’ state still means the button has been pressed.

          • no.stop this. you re doig this on phrpise. why? yoy know what im talking about. you know what panne n is talkign about. sowhy do this shit?is it funny to yoy?are tou derivinng laughter from it?what is your fucking issue

        • they are trolling. they get it and understand it and even agree with it but they know it pisses people off because it’s a concept explained so well that there is no room for error so when they make threads like this they know somebody is going to take the bait


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